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St. Jude device gives early warning on heart failure
Star Tribune, 2/27/15
Dr. Fouad Bachour showed St. Jude Medical’s CardioMEMS device to Joe Jones before implanting it into him on Thursday at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. HCMC is the first hospital in the Twin Cities to offer this therapy for heart failure patients.

KARE 11 Investigates: Drowsy driving
KARE 11, 2/23/15
Drowsy driving is often compared to drunken driving because the impairments are similar.

That’s what KARE 11 discovered after putting four sleep-deprived volunteers to the test recently on a closed course. Doctors at the Hennepin County Medical Center helped organize the experiment. The night before, sleep specialists at HCMC hooked up the volunteers with wires so doctors can monitor their brain waves while they drive.

8 things you need to know about sleep
Minnesota Public Radio, 2/23/15
Sleep experts — Dr. Imran Khawaja of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center at HCMC and Lauren Hale of the National Sleep Foundation journal Sleep Health — joined MPR News to talk about the latest research and tips for getting a better night’s rest.

The healing power of acupuncture
NW Cable 12 News, 2/17/15
Once a week, Lisa Schmidt visits the HCMC clinic in Golden Valley to seek treatment for chronic pain.

“I’m a runner, and I’ve been having hip problems,” Schmidt said.

But HCMC Acupuncturist Lena Beste doesn’t give Schmidt traditional painkillers. Instead, she inserts thin acupuncture needles into Schmidt’s skin at strategic points in her body, and that’s where they’ll stay for the next 25 minutes.

Study says teens growing more sleep deprived
WCCO Radio, 2/16/15
Dr. Louis Kazaglis is a sleep medicine physician at Hennepin County Medical Center. He says teens who are sleep deprived are more likely to get in car accidents, and are prone to depression, academic problems, substance abuse and weight gain.

Twin Cities hospitals are front line in treating Bakken burn victims
Star Tribune, 2/15/15
About a dozen Bakken burn victims have been treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center in the last three or so years, according to its burn unit director, Ryan Fey.

The health benefits of being bilingual
Northwest Cable 12, 2/3/15
“There have been a couple of studies that have shown that bilingualism may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by up to five years,” said Anne Murray, MD, a geriatrician, internist, and epidemiologist specializing in dementia at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Dr. David Hilden talks about measles
WCCO Radio, 2/2/15
“There’s a major need to educate the public on how safe the measles vaccine is,” said Dr. David Hilden.

“It can save lives,” he said. “We’re almost inviting diseases from the past back into our life through our maybe well-intentioned but misinformed behaviors. There’s really no reason not to get your child vaccinated.”

30 years later, Minn. doctor still opening doors in fight against AIDS
MPR, 1/29/15
Dr. Keith Henry still remembers the first patient he lost to AIDS. It was late spring 1984 and a young college instructor came to Henry’s hospital with an aggressive AIDS-related pneumonia. The man’s intelligent banter impressed Henry. But before long, his patient was silenced by a ventilator. Within weeks, he was dead. It hit Henry hard. He was 31 years old, nearly the same age as the patient.

Ice fishermen reminded to be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning
Waseca County News, 1/28/15
Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs more often during the heating months. In 2014, the Minnesota Poison Control System received 514 calls regarding carbon monoxide poisoning with the highest number of calls coming in January and February.

Man beats the odds after ATV crash leaves serious brain injuries
WCCO 4, 1/26/15
“There’s a scale people get scored on when they come in the emergency department and he was just clearly on all measures all the way down on the severe end of the scale,” Brionn Tonkin with HCMC’s Traumatic Brain Injury Center said.

Daughter donates kidney to mother
KARE 11, 1/24/15
Some people have suffered more than their share of hard times and heartbreak in life. Carolina Grice may finally have that happy ending she so deserves.

Widowed mother warns of blood clot risk
WCCO 4, 1/24/14
Dr. Michael Hu, a vascular surgeon at Hennepin County Medical Center, says pulmonary embolisms happen when blood clots in major veins break off and travel — then block off the lungs.

As TJ McCorkle’s house burned, he faced a choice: jump or die
Fox 9, 1/19/15
TJ landed on the concrete. He didn’t break any bones, but he’s going to need surgery for the 2nd and 3rd degree burn injuries he suffered. He’s currently in satisfactory condition at HCMC’s burn unit.

Tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
KSTP 5, 1/13/15
Dr. Bjorn Westgard from Hennepin County Medical Center stopped by KSTP to talk about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dangerously cold weather across the U.S.
MyFox NY, 1/8/15
With wind chills plunging into the minus-30s to the minus-50s across Minnesota on Wednesday, Dr. Ryan Fey of the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis warned that serious frostbite injuries can happen in 10 minutes or less.

How to keep your home free from radon
WCCO 4, 1/7/15
You can’t see, smell or taste radon in your home. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, according to Dr. Jon Cole of the Minnesota Poison Control System.

Protecting yourself against frostbite this winter
KARE 11, 1/7/15
Being outside when it’s 25 to 30 below wind chill range can be dangerous to your body, especially if you aren’t prepared for the bitter cold.

Hennepin County Medical Center Burn Surgeon Dr. Jon Gayken visited KARE Sunrise with some important tips on how you can protect yourself from frostbite and prevent a trip to the hospital.

Man’s brush with frostbite serves as warning to others
WCCO 4, 1/6/15
Dr. Ryan Fey at Hennepin County Medical Center said they see about 25 cases of frostbite on average in a year. However, last year’s brutal winter brought a record 200 severe cases into HCMC.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Month: HCMC Food Shelf
KARE 11, 1/6/15
This month KARE 11 is featuring the Food Shelf at Hennepin County Medical Cente. HCMC’s Food Shelf serves patients and families in need at HCMC clinics.

Quick treatment key to minimizing frostbite injury
MPR, 1/5/15
During sub-zero weather exposed fingers, noses and ears can suffer frostbite within 10 minutes.

Dr. Ryan Fey, medical director of HCMC’s Burn Center, urges anyone who suspects they have a frostbite injury to seek immediate medical care to minimize their chances of suffering permanent tissue damage.

Minnesota flu outbreak shows no sign of letting up
Star Tribune, 1/1/15
“We are seeing a lot of upper respiratory illness,” said Mary Ellen Bennett, director of infection prevention at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Worst flu outbreak in 4 years hits Minnesota
WCCO 4, 12/21/14
Across the Twin Cities, doctors and nurses have been trying to keep up with respiratory illness and influenza.

“Our volumes have been increasing, especially of our pediatric patients,” Emergency Medicine Dr. Stephen Dunlop of the Hennepin County Medical Center.  Dunlop says typically every year there’s a major spike in the number of flu cases — and it’s a week ahead of schedule this year.

Where chronic disease and hunger intersect, Minnesotans are innovating
MinnPost, 12/17/14
A pioneering effort in that direction took shape four years ago when Hennepin County Medical Center opened what it called a therapeutic food pharmacy, a food shelf in the hospital.

Battle against AIDS continues
Star Tribune, 12/2/14
Patricia Settles, a senior community health worker at Hennepin County Medical Center, quizzed a visitor about HIV/AIDS at the World AIDS Day resource fair at HCMC.

Letter: Resident raves about Golden Valley Clinic
Sun Post, 12/2/14
“I just want to write about my really great experience at the Hennepin County Medical Center Golden Valley Clinic on Duluth Street. In particular about Dr. Bryan Nelson and his staff.”

200 Pediatric patients at Richfield Clinic receive bikes
KSTP 5, 11/29/14
About 200 hundred children have a new way to get around town with the refurbished bikes they received Saturday. The children are patients at the Hennepin County Medical Center’s Richfield clinic.

Children at HCMC recieve bikes from free Bikes 4 Kidz
WCCO 4, 11/29/14
As they fight to get healthier, 200 sick kids got an early holiday present. All of the children are patients at Hennepin County Medical Center’s Richfield Clinic.

Being ready for the worst makes trauma team an award winner
West Central Tribune, 11/24/14
The Granite Falls Hospital trauma team is the most recent — and one of the smallest — of the state’s hospitals to receive the Trauma Team Excellence Award presented by the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Mother and “miracle” baby out of ICU after blaze destroyed their home
Bring Me The News, 11/22/14
A mother and her 6-month-old baby injured in a blaze that engulfed their mobile home are out of intensive care.

Alexis Liemthongsamout, 19, and her daughter Madysin Murch were in a critical condition after suffering from severe smoke inhalation last week when a fire destroyed their home in St. James, Minnesota.

Mom and baby rescued from St. James fire out of ICU
WCCO 4, 11/21/14
Alexis Liemthongsamout and Madysin Murch suffered smoke inhalation last week when a fire started in their mobile home in St. James, which is about 40 miles southwest of Mankato. They were transported to HCMC for care.

Fire survivor fundraiser for Minn. mom, baby
KARE 11, 11/21/14
In the early morning hours of November 13th, a fire raged through a mobile home in St. James; sleeping inside were Alexis Alexis Liemthongsamout and her daughter, Madisyn.

“I woke up and I saw smoke,” Alexis said recalling the story on Friday from her daughter’s hospital room in the pediatric intensive care unit at HCMC.

Life with PCD: It’s like having a cold 365 days a year
Fox 9, 11/20/14
Imagine if having clean, healthy lungs was never a possibility, because you were born with a rare disease that takes that away from you. It’s called primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), and the problems it causes are almost unbelievable.

It’s not an easy diagnosis. “The classic would be a kid that gets a lot of colds, but when other kids rid of their cold and they go on with things, they have to go on antibiotics,” explained Dr. Robert Kempainen.

Health care needs less innovation and more imitation
Harvard Business Review, 11/19/14
When organizations overemphasize innovation, they can miss out on the power of imitation – copying existing approaches that actually work. Providers need to actively seek out good ideas that have been tried and refined, bring those ideas home, and adapt them for local use.

We’re not the first to have made this observation – in fact, we cannot remember who we stole it from. It may have been Jon Pryor, the CEO of Hennepin County Medical Center, who mused about appointing a Chief Imitation Officer for his organization – someone whose sole job was to look outside for good ideas to bring home.

HCMC’s parent and home care provider MVNA reach deal to combine
Business Journal, 11/19/14
Hennepin County Medical Center will expand into the home- and hospice-care business by combining with MVNA.

Infant Safe Sleep Week is November 16-22
KSTP 5, 11/18/14
It’s “Infant Safe Sleep Week” and the Minnesota Department of Health is alerting parents about the proper way to put a baby to bed. It could save a life.

Your child’s family child care facility is getting the latest information through annual safe sleeping training. Still, Dr. Scott Velders says parents must do their research.

Minnesota Ready: How cold is too cold?
KSTP 5, 11/17/14
For a lot of us, Minnesota cold is just another part of being Minnesotan. But with the cold comes the danger of frostbite. For Allan Schaefer, the threat of frostbite became a reality.

Pierz, Minn. tree trimmer cheats death twice
Fox 9, 11/12/14
Just 3 weeks ago, Eden Hanson, a tree trimmer from Pierz, Minn., fell from the top of an oak tree and was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center. He knows he cheated death last month, but he has done it before. The first time was when he was only a few days old.

Former smoker’s story might help you quit
Fox 9, 11/12/14
It has been four months since surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from Michael Mullaney’s lung. A CT scan will reveal if he is still battling the deadly disease. Last March, Mullaney was screened for lung cancer at Hennepin County Medical Center, where they started offering the tests for just $99 dollars, which is a big deal because if you catch the cancer while it’s still in the lungs, there’s a 55 percent survival rate. Once it spreads outside the lungs, that rate drops to less than 5 percent.

HCMC radiologist Dr. Gopal Punjabi said it could have killed him.

Minn. Ready: How serious is frostbite?
KSTP 5, 11/10/14
Dr. Ryan Fey at Hennepin County Medical Center has seen his fair share of frostbite. He works in the burn center as a surgeon. He said the biggest risk factor for getting frostbite is alcohol, or substance use.

“When we’re sober, we’re smart, right?” Fey said. “We know how to handle this thing properly.”

Fey also said 2013 marked a record high at HCMC for frostbite. There were 200 cases. A normal year has only 25 cases.

Minn. hospitals deal with increasing risk of violence
KARE 11, 11/6/14
At Hennepin County Medical Center, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, healthcare workers recently took part in an active shooter simulation exercise. A video of the drill shows a man with a gun entering a makeshift hospital emergency triage area.

“We deal with real life and death here every day. It’s one of, I think, the realities of what we need to be prepared for,” said Scott Wordelman, who is HCMC’s vice president of ambulatory administration.

Hennepin Health saves money by housing, employing patients
Modern HealthCare, 11/3/14
Hennepin Health was formed in 2012 to manage the medical care and costs of poor adults who gained insurance through Minnesota’s early expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. Visits to the emergency room dropped by roughly 9% during the first year, as less expensive outpatient visits increased 3% and the percentage of patients who got optimal care for diabetes, asthma and heart disease, though small, grew by 11%, 8% and 23%, respectively.

Poison experts warn about glow sticks
KSTP 5, 10/29/14
Last October and November, more than 170 calls for help related to glow sticks came in to the Hennepin Regional Poison Center. Over the phone, experts walk families through the process of flushing the liquid from a child’s throat or eyes.

“We can keep you home a vast majority of the time and not ruin this night and save money to the general healthcare system,” Kirk Hughes with the Minnesota Poison Control System said.

Sick of raking? So are allergy sufferers
NW Cable 12, 10/28/14
“If you find you’re affected by mold, it’s important to wear a mask while raking,” said Celia Hemmerich, PA, “or find somebody else to do it for you.”

HCMC recognizes Rice Hospital for trauma care
West Central Tribune, 10/26/14 (subscription)

Minnesota tre trimmer survives 60-foot fall
Pioneer Press, 10/24/14
23-year-old Eden Hanson of Pierz broke his arm, six ribs and his sternum and lacerated his liver and spleen in the fall this week. Doctors at the Hennepin County Medical Center tell him he likely wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

Healthy States Profiles in Health: Dr. Veronica Svetaz
Minnesota Public Radio, 10/17/14
Being an immigrant is like having a chronic illness, says Dr. Maria Veronica Svetaz, a native of Argentina who runs a health program on Lake Street in Minneapolis tailored to the needs of Latinos. Somehow it never goes away and will always be there, for good and for bad.”

In cities with West African populations, hospitals take extra steps
New York Times, 10/17/14
In the Minneapolis area, home to the largest Liberian community outside Liberia, Hennepin County Medical Center is doing four-hour drills with fake patients and “focusing on everything, including ‘No, that’s not a big enough wastebasket,’ ” said Dr. John Hick, the medical director for emergency preparedness.

As Ebola surprises, Minnesota public health experts step up
Pioneer Press, 10/16/14
Hennepin County Medical Center was running an Ebola training exercise just hours before word broke of the first Dallas case, said spokeswoman Christine Hill.

Hill said training has continued as the Minneapolis hospital monitors the situation and follows the recommendations of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Physician burnout is on the rise (subscription required)
Chicago Tribune, 10/14/14
Mark Linzer, director of the division of general internal medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, has been studying physician burnout since 1996. Burnout, he says, is a long-term stress reaction that includes emotional exhaustion, a sense of depersonalization, and a lack of a sense of personal accomplishment.

Local hospitals fight Ebola through hands-on training
WCCO 4, 10/13/14
Emergency room doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center have a series of protective measures they take with quarantined patients. The measures are designed around the fact that Ebola is spread by direct contact with body fluids like blood, sweat and urine.

“Most of the risk occurs if you do have any blood or diarrhea or other stuff on you that has viral particles in it,” Dr. John Hick said. “If you, in the process of taking it off, drag that stuff across your skin, or maybe wipe your eye or something, that’s how most of the health care providers are getting infected.”

St. Anthony Village Children Join International Walk to School Day October 8
Lillie News, 10/8/14
Julie Philbrook, Safe Kids of Hennepin County Coordinator, emphasizes the importance of showing children how to walk safely. “Our children learn by mimicking what they see. By walking with them on International Walk to School Day, we can show them how to make good choices when it comes to safety.”

Twin Cities Marathon runner recovering from near-fatal heart attack
Pioneer Press, 10/6/14
Chuck Bergen, 61, of Apple Valley collapsed during the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014, after an apparent heart attack. Thanks to quick work by a fellow runner, Bergen survived and is recuperating at Hennepin County Medical Center.

A nearby runner who works as a catheterization lab nurse stopped to help Bergen when he collapsed. He was joined by two bicycle-mounted medics who happened upon the scene and used a portable defibrillator to shock Bergen’s heart, said Mike Rogers, who supervised HCMC paramedics during the marathon.

HCMC promotes Dr. Andrew Schmidt to Chief of Orthopedics
Mpls/StPaul Magazine, 10/6/14

Minnesota hospitals, health officials say they’re well-prepared for Ebola
Star Tribune, 10/4/14
If a suspected Ebola case enters HCMC, a nurse will notify the infection prevention department immediately and make sure that someone is posted outside the patient’s room to record all persons coming and going and ensure that they’re wearing protective clothing, said Mary Ellen Bennett, HCMC’s director of infection prevention.

Samples of bodily fluids would be walked upstairs for lab tests rather than going through the pneumatic tubes, said Dr. John Hick, medical director for HCMC’s emergency medical services. The state Health Department recently got equipment that can confirm the disease within hours rather than days, he added.

Twin Cities health facilities: We’re ready for Ebola
Pioneer Press, 10/4/14
Mary Ellen Bennett, the hospital’s director of infection prevention, said a patient displaying Ebola-like symptoms would be placed in a negative pressure room, a facility in which air is emitted through a filter and separate exhaust system, rather than recirculated through the building. The patient also would be given supportive care, meaning hydration and nutrition assistance.

MSP Airport establishes Ebola quarantine area
KSTP 5, 10/3/14

Mortenson looks like winner in HCMC’s $191 million expansion
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, 10/3/14
Hennepin County Medical Center seems to have narrowed the field of contenders to build its $191 million campus expansion to just one: Mortenson Construction.

Inside Hennepin County Medical Center’s Isolation Unit
KSTP 5, 10/3/14
Medical Director John Hick explained wearing the proper protective wear is crucial. They have 800 kits with full protective gear for anyone who has to go inside the isolation unit. Hicks explains, the process of taking that gear off after being exposed to diseases is risky.

Countering Fear of Ebola With Education Where West Africans Live in the U.S.
New York Times, 10/3/14
Dr. John L. Hick, the medical director for emergency preparedness at Hennepin County Medical Center, said the hospital is also developing new protocols for testing blood and disposing of waste from patients suspected of having Ebola. And it is trying to calm medical personnel anxious about encountering patients with the virus, he said.

“We’re trying to help everyone feel more comfortable that we’ve got the protective equipment, we’ve got the protocols in place,” Dr. Hick said. “People are much more interested now that the case in Dallas has actually made it real: ‘Yes, we’ve got to get our game face on.’ ”

HCMC negotiating with Mortenson to build $191M expansion
Finance and Commerce, 10/2/14 (subscription required)
Scheduled to open in 2017, HCMC’s new building will include primary care clinics, specialty clinics and outpatient surgery facilities.

Diver survives close call
KARE 11, September 30, 2014
Terry Begnoche has logged 40 years of diving experience. But his last few dives at Hennepin County Medical Center’s hyperbaric chamber are the ones that matter the most.

Single mom and amputee faces a new life without fingers
Dairyland Peach, 9/28/14
Exposed to the below zero temperatures for over 45 minutes, Brianna Wilson’s body was beginning to shut down. First responders arrived at the scene and began covering her body with heated blankets. She was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) and spent a few weeks there recovering.

Rare treatment saves diver
Star Tribune, 9/27/14
Terry Benoche’s decompression sickness was so severe that saving him required a helicopter rescue to Marquette, Mich., and then a low-altitude flight to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis — where doctors tried a rare treatment protocol that they looked up in the U.S. Navy Diving Manual.

Cat bites, infections on the rise
Fox 9, 9/25/14
Cat bites are often perceived as an inconvenient prick and pinch, but they can lead to serious infections, hospitalization and even amputation if left untreated — and HCMC is treating more patients each year.

Stuck in a hospital bed, hit and run victim holds no grudge
WCCO 4, 9/23/14
The victim of a hit-and-run says he’s not angry with the man who nearly killed him. The patient remains at HCMC, three weeks after the crash. For him, the simplest movements now bring great joy.

Despite recent lockdowns, HCMC says it’s got security under control
WCCO 4, 9/22/14
“Anytime we have an incident that rises to the point of concern, where there could be a safety issue, or security issue, we go into what we call a yellow alert,” said HCMC’s Scott Wordelman.

Interview: What parents need to know about Enterovirus D68
KSTP 5, 9/18/14
Dr. Stacene Maroushek from Hennepin County Medical Center, who specializes in pediatric infectious diseases, stopped by KSTP to talk about what parents need to know about Enterovirus D68.

HCMC doctor talks about enterovirus
KARE 11, 9/18/14
“It’s definitely increased our volume in our clinics,” explained Dr. Stacene Maroushek in a live interview on KARE 11 about Enterovirus D68.

Mother of U of M student warns of “marijuana wax”
Fox 9 News, 9/18/14
Dr. Charlie Reznikoff is an addiction medicine specialist at HCMC, and he also sits on the state’s medical marijuana task force. Since marijuana wax is readily available in other states and can travel easily, he’s not surprised to hear it’s in Minnesota now.

Nursing student reaps benefits of summer internship at HCMC
Gustavus Adolphus College, 9/12/14
After three years of coursework and clinical experiences through.the Nursing Department at Gustavus Adolphus College, senior Molly Ashwill was looking for a summer internship last spring that would allow her to gain more experience in the clinical setting. Ashwill found what she was looking for through the Hennepin County Medical Center’s (HCMC) Student Nurse Internship Program.

HIV drug works, but convincing people to use it is a hard sell
Minnesota Public Radio, 9/7/14
“HIV is not the fearsome entity that it once was, HIV and AIDS,” said Dr. Keith Henry, an HIV specialist at Hennepin County Medical Center. “If this had been available in the ’80s and ’90s, interest would be much higher because people were panicked.”

The Drive: Making the case for bike helmets
Star Tribune, 9/7/14
Julie Philbrook, a trauma prevention specialist at Hennepin County Medical Center, said that wearing a helmet can reduce the chances of sustaining a head injury by 85 percent and a brain injury by 88 percent.

Space Station astronaut had medical training at HCMC
KARE 11, 9/6/14
A NASA astronaut was in Minneapolis Saturday. Dr. Kjell Lindgren spoke at the American Swedish Institute. In March 2015, he will fly to the International Space Station. He used to live in the Twin Cities and did his emergency medical training at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) seven years ago.

Helping kids handle back-to-school stress
KARE 11, 9/2/14
Students can be full of nerves as they head back to the classroom. But there are ways parents and guardians can help. It’s important to know that kids feeling stress will not always say it.

“They may say things like they don’t feel well, they have a tummy ache, maybe they’re not sleeping as well. Perhaps they may be a little more irritable than usual,” explained Dr. Julie Joseph-Di Caprio, Chief of Pediatrics at Hennepin County Medical Center.

New vaccination requirements for students
KARE 11, 9/1/14
Students entering the 7th grade are now required to receive the tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough vaccine, known as T-DAP. Elizabeth Olson, who works at The Clinic at Walmart, operated by Hennepin County Medical Center, said her branch has seen double the amount of patients.

Ebola virus: the newest threat
WCCO Radio, 8/30/14
“In the countries where Ebola is spreading… there’s such a stigma around the disease, and a fear of quarantine,” explains Dr. John Hick, Emergency Physician at HCMC. “It’s so easily spread from an infected person.”

Back to school physicals are important
Sun Post, 8/28/14
“Back-to-school physicals are as important as filling that new backpack with school supplies,” explains Natalie Ikeman, PA from HCMC’s Golden Valley Clinic. “It is the perfect opportunity to get needed immunizations, have a physical exam and discuss important factors that affect a child’s health and well-being.”

Got your shots? New vaccination laws start Monday
NW Cable 12, 8/29/14
“We have been so busy with kids coming in for vaccines,” said Natalie Ikeman, a physician assistant at HCMC’s Golden Valley Clinic.

The new vaccine law requires students entering seventh grade to get the Tdap vaccine for tetanus, diptheria, bacterial meningitis and whooping cough.

Learn hands-only CPR at the Fair
KARE 11, 8/29/14
It takes just minutes to learn how to save a life. At the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) booth in the Health Fair 11 building, you can learn hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). HCMC’s Robin Lewis explained that doing only chest compressions works because there is is generally enough oxygen in the blood.

Shots outside HCMC highlight need for hospitals to balance security, care
Star Tribune, 8/28/14
A day after a street fight and shooting that shattered windows and glass doors at the Hennepin County Medical Center, a hospital official praised staff for not letting the violent attack interrupt the emergency room for long.

“We were back to normal operations in less than half an hour,” said Scott Wordelman, a vice president at the medical center.

Eden Prairie family featured in HCMC anniversary video
Eden Prairie News, 8/28/14
Megan Troske’s injury occurred late one night in 2011 when she was 8 weeks old. “I feel, without a doubt, without HCMC we wouldn’t have Megan anymore,” said her mom, Kim.

The Creatives: 7 of MN’s most successful innovators
Twin Cities Business Magazine, 8/27/14
Pam Clifford has spent her career bringing stakeholders together. One of her secrets to breaking through resistance: head straight to the top.

Does shaking hands with your doctor spread disease?
Star Tribune, 8/27/14
The notion of outlawing the doctor-patient handshake pits two values sacred to the medical profession against each other: do no harm vs. compassionate care. Many doctors say banning this small yet meaningful connection would erode the human touch central to the medical practice.

“It’s a really important part of being a caregiver,” said Dr. Robert Quickel, a surgeon at Hennepin County Medical Center.

“Parents, love your kids, hug them, you never know what can happen”
Fox 9 News, 8/24/14
An Eden Prairie High School sophomore-to-be broke his neck in a bike accident earlier in August, right before the start of football season.  He is surrounded by an overwhelming amount of love, support and prayer from family, friends and teammates.

An app for the fast-paced ER
Star Tribune, 8/24/14
Every minute counts at a hospital emergency department. But the hectic, unpredictable pace can make it a surprisingly inefficient workplace. Emergency Dept. workers began testing Synapse Blue software after Dr. Scott Joing , an HCMC physician and adviser to the company, started tinkering with the software and decided to get the product into the hands of front-line hospital staff.

State Fair: It helps to have a game plan
WCCO Radio, 8/21/14
Having a plan is comforting to many because it’s psychologically soothing. “Going to the State Fair is a ritual for many people,” said Hennepin County Medical Center psychologist Matthew Syzdek. He said the fact that the fair doesn’t change much over time is key.

Many pregnant women don’t get flu shots
KSTP 5, 8/19/14
“There’s no way you can get sick from the flu vaccine,” said Dr. Virginia Lupo, HCMC’s Chief of OB/GYN.

Making “other” patient data count in Minneapolis
Health Data Management, 8/18/14
“The big problem in healthcare is that all our systems and data sources are focused on the medical diagnoses, and all the risk scoring tools revolve around the medical diagnoses, and in our population that’s only about 10 to 15 percent of the story,” says Nancy Garrett, chief analytics officer of HCMC.

Doctors take “Ice Bucket Challenge”
WCCO 4, 8/16/14

Minnesotans throw cold water on ALS
KARE 11, 8/16/14
“About 30,000 people in the United States have this disease,” said Dr. Ezgi Tiryaki, from HCMC’s ALS Center of Excellence.  “In Minnesota, we think it is around 500 at any given time.”

Ice Bucket Challenge raises “unprecedented” $13.3M for ALS
Fox 9, 8/16/14
When Dr. Ezgi Tiryaki was asked to take the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money  and awareness of ALS, she said it was the least she could do — and she wasn’t alone. A few children, other members of the HCMC staff and a even other neurologists and doctors did the same.

Maternal Mental Illness
Science Magazine, 8/15/14
For many depressed mothers, symptoms begin during pregnancy and may also include disabling anxiety, explains this article co-authored by Dr. Helen Kim, a perinatal psychiatrist and medical director of HCMC’s Mother-Baby Program.

Hospitals embracing a “baby-friendly” approach to birth
Star Tribune, 8/15/14
Hennepin County Medical Center has been working toward its own baby-friendly certification, and since the beginning of its program has increased the percentage of mothers exclusively breast-feeding in the hospital from 24 percent to 62 percent, said Dana Barr, a family medicine staff physician at the HCMC Richfield Clinic.

Hennepin sheriff’s deputies now carry heroin antidote
Star Tribune, 8/13/14
“It’s a great additional tool for law enforcement officers, especially in the outer-ring suburbs and rural areas of Hennepin County,” said Robert Ball with Hennepin EMS.

HCMC celebrates 25 years of trauma
ECM Publications, 8/12/14
“What I think is unique about Hennepin is that we have this tremendous commitment to trauma specifically, that this is something we’ve done for long before the 25 years of verification,” said Chad Richardson, HCMC’s director of trauma services.

Robin Williams’ suicide raises depression awareness
NW Cable 12 News, 8/12/14
“Depression is something that is very real. It’s something that’s physical so when you become depress you physiologically have a lot of different experiences,” said Dr. Matthew Syzdek, a clinical psychologist with Hennepin County Medical Center.

Ebola Outbreak: Liberian doctor returns to Twin Cities for help
Fox 9, 8/11/14
Dr. Alfredmy Chessor graduated from Central High School in St. Paul and completed her residency at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Laundry detergent pod explodes in Minnesota toddler’s throat
Fox 9, 8/10/14
Laundry detergent pods have only been available for a few years, but the instances of poisonings have surged. “We’re seeing burns to the throat and stomach,” explains Kirk Hughes, RN of Hennepin Regional Poison Center.

A quarter-century of trauma care
Sun Post, 8/8/14
Dr. Chad Richardson, who did a six-year residency at HCMC and has been on staff for the better part of the last 12 years, feels that a huge part of the trauma center’s success lies with the dedication of the doctors, nurses and administrators that have walked its halls for the last 25 years.

HCMC to offer online diagnosis service
Mpls/St.Paul Business Journal, 8/7/14
HCMC will offer patients online visits with a nurse practitioner who can diagnose common health problems.

Persistence, screenings help local cancer survivor
NW Cable 12, 8/5/14
“If you’re having persistent symptoms that are bothering you and they’re not resolved by the visits that you have, to keep up and be persistent,” said Dr. Rachael Rapacz at the HCMC Clinic in Brooklyn Park.

WCCO Radio, 8/2/14
“There’s no native Ebola in the United States,” explains Dr. Rebecca Zadroga, an infectious disease specialist at HCMC, in an interview with Esme Murphy.

Getting it wrong on cancer care
Forbes Magazine, 7/29/14; Dr. Andres Wiernik guest post

Technology bridges language gap at doctor’s office
NW Cable 12, 7/29/14; Michelle Chillstrom, Natalie Ikeman interviewed

Good Question:  What is Ebola?
WCCO 4, 7/29/14; Dr. Rebecca Zadroga interviewed

“Food pharmacy” at HCMC fills need for nutrition (@24:30 in podcast)
WCCO Radio, 7/20/14; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

New immunization law takes effect for students this year
WCCO 4, 7/19/14; Dr. Dawn Martin interviewed

Heroin overdose treatment training set for Hennepin County launch
MPR, 7/17/14; Dr. Jeffrey Ho quoted

Dayton names 16 to its medical marijuana task force
Star Tribune, 7/11/14; Dr. Charles Reznikoff quoted

In the Twin Cities, asthma hospitalization rate highest on I-94
MPR, 7/8/14; Dr. Gail Brottman interviewed

Top Docs: Dr. Andrew Schmidt, Dr. Michael Popkin
Mpls/St.Paul Magazine, 7/1/14; Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Popkin interviewed

St. Anthony Village Clinic selected as “Best Place for Healthcare”
Lillie Suburban News, 6/25/14

Aging well requires more than diet, exercise
NW Cable 12, 6/24/14; Dr. Peter Sandgren interviewed

Southwest metro police, fire departments partner for active shooter training
Sun Current, 6/20/14

Health Check: E-cigarettes
NW Cable 12, 6/17/14; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Cholesterol care: statin drug guidelines updated
Fox 9, 6/17/14; Dr. Woubeshet Ayenew interviewed

Bike-related head injury rates up
KSTP 5, 6/12/14; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Reinventing the internist
Minnesota Physician, 6/1/14; Dr. Anne Pereira quoted

Spring Allergies
NW Cable 12, 5/29/14; Natalie Ikeman interviewed

Take extra precautions in the sun
NW Cable 12, 5/27/14: Dr. Bryan Nelson interviewed

Health Check: Brain games
NW Cable 12, 5/13/14; Dr. Anne Murray interviewed

One-year-old expected to survive after 11-story fall
WCCO 4, 5/13/14; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

Miracle boy: toddler survives 11-story fall
Fox 9, 5/13/14; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

Toddler survives 11-story fall from hi-rise
KARE 11, 5/13/14; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

After “miracle” child survives 11 -story fall, questions arise about safety
MPR, 5/13/14; Dr. David Templeman interviewed

“Miracle” baby survives 11-story fall
MPR, 5/13/14; Dr. David Templeman interviewed

Toddler survives 11-story fall from Minneapolis hi-rise
KSTP 5, 5/13/14; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

Doctors, schools warn against “cold water challenge”
KARE 11, 5/12/14; Dr. Douglas Brunette interviewed

Program for struggling new moms has its first birthday
KSTP 5, 5/9/15; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

Hospital is “excellent partner” in trauma care
Alexandria Echo Press, 5/7/14; Dr. Art Ney, Dr. Chad Richardson quoted

Northfield Trauma Center receives award from HCMC
Northfield News, 5/3/14

Shades of Blue
Minnesota Monthly, 5/1/14; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

Luminary: Ernie Ruiz, MD
Metro Doctors, 5/1/14

The newest board-certified physician subspecialty
Metro Doctors, 5/1/14

Minnesota Trauma System
Metro Doctors, 5/1/14

Response to the 35W Bridge Collapse
Metro Doctors, 5/1/14

Low pressure system a literal pain in the neck
WCCO Radio, 5/1/14; Dr. Sebastian Ksionski interviewed

Health care professionals push vaccinations
NW Cable 12, 4/29/14; Dr. Stacene Maroushek interviewed

At some Minnesota clinics, a simple prescription for patient health needs: food
MPR, 4/22/14; Dr. Diana Cutts, Carmelita Nelson interviewed

Minnesota hospital wants to expand charitable program
Food Service Director magazine, 4/17/14; Bill Marks interviewed

Sexually transmitted diseases rose 10 percent in MN last year
Star Tribune, 4/16/14; Dr. Virginia Lupo quoted

New drugs prove effective in curing Hepatitis C
KARE 11, 4/15/14; Dr. Kay Schwebke interviewed

HCMC plans $191M expansion to its downtown campus
Star Tribune, 4/14/14; Dr. Jon Pryor, Scott Wordelman quoted

HCMC announces $191M expansion in downtown Minneapolis
Twin Cities Business Magazine, 4/14/14; Dr. Jon Pryor, Mike Opat quoted

HCMC plans $191M expansion
Finance & Commerce, 4/14/14; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

HCMC plans $191M expansion
Business Journal, 4/14/14; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

E-cigarette warning for families
KSTP 5, 4/7/14; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed live

Interview: Struggling with PTSD
KSTP 5, 4/3/14; Dr. Denise Lucia interviewed live

City of Minneapolis considers ear plug ordinance
KSTP 5, 4/1/14; Dr. Janet Hansen interviewed

New HCMC clinic opens in Golden Valley
NW Cable 12, 3/31/14; Dr. Bryan Nelson interviewed

Police enforce laws, educate parents about car seat safety
NW Cable 12, 3/27/14; Julie Philbrook interviewed

E-cigarette poisonings on the rise
Hibbing Tribune, 3/26/14; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

Family and friends mourn the loss of 21-year-old Matt Heisler
WDAZ 8, 3/19/14

Lakeville man gives life in death
KARE 11, 3/19/14

Because Matt Heisler chose to donate, 60 people may benefit
WCCO 4, 3/19/14

Donated organs of UND student could help up to 60 patients
KSTP 5, 3/19/14

Latest e-cig fear: Poisoned kids
Star Tribune, 3/19/14; Stacey Bangh interviewed

Lakeville grad dies after fire near UND; housemate risked life to save him
Star Tribune, 3/18/14

E-cig poisoning cases on rise among children
KARE 11, 3/18/14; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

Jump in youth e-cigarette poisonings prompts state health warning
MPR, 3/18/14; Kirk Hughes interviewed

E-cigarette contents can cause poisoning
Fox 9, 3/18/14; Kirk Hughes interviewed

Oakdale neighbor donates kidney
Fox 9, 3/16/14; Dr. John Silkensen interviewed

Cold contributed to deaths of 26 in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 3/14/14; Dr. Nate Scott interviewed

Good Samaritan law essential
Star Tribune, 3/10/14; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

For Minnesotans with disabilities, this winter brings extra peril
Star Tribune, 3/5/14; Dr. Andrew Schmidt quoted

Electronic devices stealing kids’ sleep
KARE 11, 3/3/14; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Restore long-term storage of newborn screening data
Star Tribune, 3/1/14; Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio and others commentary

Midlife and Medicine
Minnesota Medicine, 3/1/14; Dr. Tara Gustilo

Biopsy-based discard of donor kidneys may be misguided
Renal and Urology News, 2/26/14; Dr. Bertram Kasiske featured

Zohydro: FDA approves pain killer with 10 times the hydrocodone
Fox 9 News, 2/25/14; Dr. Charles Reznikoff interviewed

Heavy snowfall brings risk of injuries
WCCO 4, 2/20/14; Dr. Kartika Bhardwaj interviewed

HCMC doctor warns shoveling snow can trigger heart attacks
KSTP-5, 2/20/14; Dr. Bradley Bart interviewed

Another snowy day adds to a difficult winter
NW Cable 12, 2/20/14; Dr. Kartika Bhardwaj interviewed

Risk of stroke death higher for women
NW Cable 12, 2/18/14; Dr. Robert Taylor interviewed

At HCMC, a surprise drill in ER to deal with real emergencies
Star Tribune, 2/14/14; Dr. John Hick, Dr. Matt Rau interviewed

Health Check: HCMC Cancer Center
NW Cable 12, 2/11/14; Kelly Porter, RN interviewed

HCMC opens expanded Cancer Care Center
Business Journal, 2/11/14; Kelly Porter, RN quoted

Scared of needles? It’s because you’re wired differently
Star Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/11/14; Dr. Mark Linzer quoted

Run overby a train in Minneapolis, double amputee tells cautionary tale
Star Tribune, 2/9/14; Dr. Jon Krook quoted

Good Question: Why do we “twitch” when we start falling asleep?
WCCO 4, 2/7/14; Dr. Imran Khawaja answers

Pregnant and addicted: an awful burden to carry
MinnPost, 2/5/14; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Lung cancer screenings recommended for heavy smokers
WCCO 4, 2/5/14; Dr. Chip Truwit, Dr. Gopal Punjabi interviewed

Heroin addict speaks out about “epidemic”
Fox 9, 2/4/14; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

$99 lung cancer screenings for smokers at HCMC
Fox 9 News, 1/31/14; Dr. Chip Truwit, Dr. Gopal Punjabi interviewed

Champlin man rescued from burning car
WCCO 4, 1/30/14

Hearty Minnesotan with frostbite warns others
KARE 11, 1/28/14; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Minnesota poised for coldest winter in 33 years
CBS News, 1/23/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Minnesota patient safety has improved over the past decade
KARE 11, 1/23/14; Lori Johnson interviewed

Minnesota medical mistakes down, and up
Star Tribune, 1/23/13; photo of Dr. Jackie Geissler

Student donates kidney to Minneapolis cop
WCCO 4, 1/18/14

Cutting-edge technology in Metro helps limit antibiotics doctors prescribe
KSTP 5, 1/14/14; Dr. David Williams interviewed

Docs ready for wave of new MNsure patients
Star Tribune, 1/12/13; Anthony Yanni quoted

Esme Murphy Show: Sleep APP-nea
WCCO Radio, 1/11/14; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Deaths, spike in frostbite cases follow Twin Cities’ frigid weather
Star Tribune, 1/9/14; Christine Hill quoted

Polar blast grips the US as bitterly cold temps spread south
euronews, 1/7/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Minnesota braces for brutal cold, icy temps
Star Tribune, 1/7/14; Dr. Ryan Fey quoted

Frostbite 101: Record number of cases in 2014
Fox 9 News, 1/6/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Icy gusts spread winter pain across the Midwest
Vancouver Sun (AP), 1/6/14; Dr. Douglas Brunette interviewed

Gone with the wind chill: gusts spread winter pain
AZ Family News (AP), 1/6/14; Dr. Douglas Brunette interviewed

Frostbite: How to prevent it and recognize it
Star Tribune, 1/5/14; Dr. Jon Gayken interviewed

Experts warn of frostbite, dead batteries in cold
Erie Times News (AP), 1/4/14; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Everyone accounted for after Minneapolis fire, officials say
Star Tribune, 1/3/14

Explosion survivors share their experiences
KARE 11, 1/3/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Cedar Ave. explosion victims tell their stories
Fox 9, 1/3/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

2nd body found, Mpls apartment survivors tell their stories
MN Daily, 1/3/14

Cedar-Riverside fire survivors recount harrowing moments
MPR, 1/3/14

Survivors of Mpls building explosion talk about escape
KSTP 5, 1/3/14

Minneapolis fire: survivors tell of escape, second victim found
Pioneer Press, 1/3/14

New accounts from survivors of New Year’s Day fire emerge
Star Tribune, 1/3/14

A long road ahead for victims of apartment fire
WCCO Radio,  1/3/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Health Check: Frostbite cases up at HCMC
NW Cable 12 TV, 12/31/14; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Police ready to help celebrators stay safe on NYE
WCCO 4, 12/30/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Aging but Dangerous – Sizzle
KLBB, 12/21/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Medical resident in Onamia
Mille Lacs Messenger, 12/20/13; Dr. Chandra Cherukuri quoted

Walter Chesley joins HCMC
Business Journal, 12/18/13

Don’t be left out in the cold!
Hibbing Daily Tribune, 12/18/13; Dr. David Plummer quoted

U freshman found dead on riverbank near Stone Arch Bridge
Star Tribune, 12/16/13; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Anoka High School grad new Trauma Director at HCMC
ABC Newspaper, 12/14/13; Dr. Chad Richardson interviewed

Deep freeze: Dress to avoid dangerous frostbite
Fox 9, 12/5/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

A new disorder plaguing teens: sleep texting
Star Tribune, 12/5/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Snow keeps metro-area emergency departments busy
KSTP 5, 12/4/13

HCMC nurse sworn in for active duty by officers, colleagues
KSTP 5, 12/3/13; Melissa Conner, RN interviewed

HCMC ER nurse trading scrubs for Air Force uniform
WCCO 4, 12/3/13; Melissa Conner, RN, Kristi Roers, RN, Michelle Lambert, RN interviewed

Homeless youth Thanksgiving in downtown Minneapolis
Fox 9 News, 11/29/13

Dassel-Cokato linebacker thankful to be alive after brain injury
Star Tribune, 11/28/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu quoted

A Beautiful World
MPR, 11/28/13; HCMC patient, and homeless youth dinner featured

Thanksgiving dinner for homeless youth
KSTP 5, 11/27/13

Minnesota hospitals train to prevent, react to violence
Star Tribune, 11/21/13; Dr. Jeffrey Ho, Michael Cole, William Leon interviewed

Good Samaritan helps rescue fisherman
KSTP 5, 11/19/13; Dr. Douglas Brunette interviewed

Pediatricians recommend putting kids on healthy “media diet”
Moms Everyday, 11/11/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Drunk driver’s crash victim travels long road to recovery
Fox 9, 11/10/13; Dr. Patrick Yoon, Dr. David Templeman interviewed

The sky-blue pressure chamber of yore
Stubble Magazine, 11/9/13; Steve Omodt interviewed

Hunter chooses euthanasia
WCCO Radio, 11/8/13; lead ethics consultant Ann Russel interviewed

Full circle: Former HCMC burn unit patient becomes doctor
Fox 9, 11/7/13; Dr. Jon Gayken, Dr. George Peltier, Margaret Brunner interviewed

Did you remember to change your clock?
WCCO Radio, 11/2/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Kidney Sisters
Women’s Press, 11/1/13

Racquetball hall-of-famer just thankful to be alive
Rochester Post-Bulletin, 10/30/13; Dr. Fouad Bachour interviewed

Halloween health concerns loom around holiday
KARE 11, 10/29/13; Dr. Becky Gardner interviewed

Trick or treat tip: Don’t bite the glow stick!
Star Tribune, 10/29/13; Hennepin Regional Poison Control System

Strategies to reduce cost, improve care for high-utilizing Medicaid patients
Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., 10/28/13

6 ways parents can give kids a “healthy media diet”
CBC, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Help children manage media use, doctors say
HealthDay, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Pediatricians set limits on kids’ media time
Wall Street Journal, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Children need a healthy “media diet” 
National Monitor, 10/29/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Minn. hospitals, clinics prepare ahead of Affordable Care Act
KSTP 5, 10/22/13; Dr. Bill Heegaard interviewed

Affordable Care Act could magnify shortage of doctors
KSTP 5, 10/21/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Hospitals brace for more ER visits due to health care reform
KSTP 5, 10/20/13; Dr. Bill Heegaard interviewed

Why I left medicine: a burnt-our doctor’s decision to quit
National Public Radio, 10/18/13; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Face Time: Dr. Jon Pryor
MSP Business Journal, 10/18/13; Dr. Jon Pryor interviewed

5 Ways to wake up amid Daylight Saving Time slump
Fox 9, 10/15/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Investigators: Overdose Antidote
Fox 9, 10/10/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

HCMC excited for new pediatric ICU
Star Tribune, 10/9/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu and Julie Curti interviewed

PBS documentary explores brain injuries in NFL
MPR, 10/9/13; Dr. Brionn Tonkin interviewed

HCMC opens new pediatric unit
KSTP 5, 10/9/13

Plymouth woman 9-year breast cancer survivor
NW Cable 12, 10/7/13; Dr. Natarajan Raman interviewed

HCMC’s new Spiritual Care Center designed for all beliefs (subscription)
Finance & Commerce, 10/7/13; Suzanne Owens-Pike quoted

Problems using MNsure? Officials urge patience
MPR, 10/3/13; Anthony Yanni interviewed

Decades-old hyperbaric chamber on view during demolition
Star Tribune, 10/2/1

With a few glitches, MNsure goes live
MPR, 10/2/13; Anthony Yanni interviewed

Drinking while pregnant: Economist, doctors debate
MPR, 10/2/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Pharmacists: the solutions to expanding clinical services
Pharmacy Today, 10/1/13; Bruce Thompson interviewed

Concussion in youth
MN Healthcare News, 10/1/13; by Drs. Brionn Tonkin, Armantina Espinosa

Jordana Green Show: Can we use sleep to get over phobias?
WCCO Radio, 9/25/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

New HCMC leader looks to improve systems, care and cost
Star Tribune, 9/20/13; Dr. Jon Pryor interviewed

Jordana Green Show: Insomnia
WCCO Radio, 9/19/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

SIDS cases spike in Brooklyn Center
NW Cable 12 News, 9/18/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan interviewed

Quick thinking, fast actions of coaches and EMTs likely improved outcome for Nelson
Dassel-Cokato Enterprise Dispatch, 9/16/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Doctor commends Dassel-Cokato coaches for recognizing injury
Fox 9 News, 9/10/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Cub Foods hands out pill bottles of candy at parade
KARE 11, 9/9/13; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Doctor commends Dassel-Cokato coaches for recognizing injury
Fox 9, 9/9/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Club drug, “Molly” an emerging problem in Twin Cities
MPR, 9/9/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Dassel-Cokato football player in serious shape after head injury
Pioneer Press, 9/8/13; Dr. Brionn Tonkin quoted

Dassel-Cokato football player improving
Star Tribune, 9/8/13

Minn. football player, 16, recovering after brain injury
WCCO 4, 9/8/13

Prep football player recovers after severe head injury
KARE 11, 9/8/13

High school football player recovering after brain injury
KSTP 5, 9/8/13

Molly, new illegal drug, begins to infiltrate Twin Cities
MinnPost, 9/6/13; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

Minnetonka could get a new medical clinic, emergency facility
Sun-Sailor (Minnetonka), 9/5/13; Scott Wordelman quoted

HCMC – Historic leaders and innovators in adult and pediatric trauma
MD News, 9/1/13; Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, Dr. Andrew Kiragu, Sherrie Murphy and Julie Curti quoted

End of life care
MN Physician, 9/1/13;by Drs. Martha McCusker, Jeffrey Rubins

Marine Corps League, Delta, nurses send family to sick soldier
Fox 9, 8/28/13; Lynnea Forseth interviewed

Most medications okay while breastfeeding
KAAL TV, 8/26/13; Dr. Dana Barr interviewed

Local tie to new Wall of Heroes
Hutchinson Leader, 8/20/13

HCMC Wall of Heroes for donors, survivors has Rosemount connection
Rosemount Patch, 8/19/13

Back to school means changing kid’s sleep schedules
NW Cable 12, 8/13/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Tevlin: She drives Children’s Literacy Program at HCMC
Star Tribune, 8/11/13; Lynne Burke interviewed

Coalition seeks “Good Samaritan” law to prevent overdose deaths
MPR, 8/8/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Good Question: How often should mattresses be changed?
WCCO 4, 8/5/13; Dr. John Sweet interviewed

Physician well-being: a powerful way to improve the patient experience
Physicians Executive Journal, July/August 2013; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Lessons in kids safety
MN Sun Post, 7/27/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Family remembers 2-year-old Corcoran boy killed in crash
KSTP 5, 7/27/13; Robert Ball interviewed

Minneapolis boy’s fall from window stokes parents’ fears, neighbors’ tensions
MPR, 7/23/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Psychiatric Emergency Room a ‘bottleneck’ for mental health care
MPR, 7/23/13; Dr. Kathleen Heaney interviewed

Six things I wish I’d known when I became a doctor
MPR, 7/19/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Family warns of invisible boating danger: carbon monoxide
WCCO 4, 7/19/13; Dr. Cher Adkinson interviewed

Delivering large babies
WCCO Radio, 7/15/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Family warns of hidden danger while boating
KARE 11, 7/11/13; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson interviewed

Smoking alcohol: a dangerous new trend
KSTP 5, 7/9/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Prescription painkiller abuse
KSTP 5, 7/3/13; live interview with Dr. Gavin Bart

New weight worry: low-income boys
Star Tribune, 7/3/13; Dr. Eileen Crespo interviewed

Water safety reminders for your summer adventures
KARE 11, 7/2/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Artist in Residence
Minnesota Medicine, 7/1/13; Wenda Ballinger interviewed

Prostate Cancer Survivor: we need to speak up about a silent disease
Star Tribune, 6/29/13; Dr. Natarajan Raman interviewed

HCMC wins award for reducing emergency dept. visits by a third
Star Tribune, 6/22/13; Dr. Paul Johnson quoted

HCMC recognized nationally for preventative care program
KSTP 5, 6/21/13; Josh Horn, RN interviewed

AMA dubs obesity a disease
Fox 9, 6/19/13; Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Special feature: an interview with Dr. Andrew Kiragu
MDH, 6/20/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

How to tell if a child is malnourished
KSTP 5, 6/17/13; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Derek Boogaard’s death shows how easily patients can get addictive pills
Star Tribune, 6/17/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Are marathoners running into heart trouble? 
Star Tribune, 6/16/13; Dr. Bradley Bart interviewed

HIV prevention at HCMC
WCCO Radio, 6/13/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed

Expert weighs in after baby dies in car
WCCO 4, 6/12/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Heroin at Home
TPT 2, 6/11/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Playground injury prevention
NW Cable 12, 6/11/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Web extra: Trauma Prevention Specialist talks summer safety
KSTP 5, 6/4/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Success difficult for organizations honoring the missing
KSTP 5, 6/3/13; Dr. Danielle Potokar interviewed

Tips to keep kids safe at the playground
KSTP 5, 6/3/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Caffeine withdrawal: symptoms classified as mental disorder
Fox 9, 6/3/13; Dr. Anne Marie Pylkas interviewed

Sharon Jones cancels Basilica Block party show after cancer diagnosis
Fox 9, 6/3/13; Dr. Hernando Gonzalez interviewed

Mother-Baby Program offers mental health services
MD News, 6/1/13; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

No lotus position needed: Neuroscience pushes meditation into mainstream
Star Tribune, 5/30/13; Dr. Selma Sroka interviewed

American Indian student volunteers fill need at HCMC
Star Tribune, 5/30/13; Aida Strom interviewed

Plymouth company helps hospitals get cash for old equipment
Star Tribune, 5/25/13; Matthew Werder interviewed

Can HIV medications kill?
KAAL TV, 5/22/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed

Tips for tackling “thunderphobia”
Fox 9, 5/21/13; Psychologist Amelia Versland interviewed

Health Check: Spring allergy season kicks into high gear
NW Cable 12, 5/21/13; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

In a year, Hennepin Health improves care for the poor, keeps costs down
Star Tribune, 5/18/13; photos from HCMC Dentistry Clinic

Bug season: mosquito control sprays as ticks emerge in MN
Fox 9, 5/9/13; Dr. Dean Tsukayama interviewed

Frank Vascellaro, a snorer in denial, undergoes sleep study
WCCO 4, 5/6/13; Dr. Michelle LeClaire interviewed

FDA warns migraine medicine Depakote may lower child’s IQ
Fox 9, 5/6/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Planning for a resource shortfall
Physician’s Weekly, 5/1/13; Dr. John Hick interviewed

Richfield firefighters help save downed paramedic
Richfield Patch, 4/25/13

Firefighters recognized for rescue
Fox 9, 4/23/13

HCMC to open new clinic in suburban shopping center
Business Journal, 4/22/13; Tom Hayes interviewed

Cinnamon challenge: Doctors warn lung damage is no joke
Fox 9, 4/22/13; Dr. David Roberts interviewed

Firms take a business approach to hunger
Star Tribune, 4/21/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

At least 14 amputees are among wounded in Boston attack
USA Today, 4/18/13; Dr. Andrew Schmidt interviewed

Orthopaedic Trauma Association names Dr. Andrew Schmidt president
Becker’s ASC Review, 4/17/13

HCMC supports mom, infant health
MPR, 4/15/13; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

HCMC offers mom “safety net” when it’s not just the “baby blues”
Star Tribune, 4/15/13; Dr. Helen Kim, Jesse Kuendig interviewed

Minnesotans weary of winter
Fox 9, 4/11/13; Dr. Gautam Shroff interviewed

Tips for dealing with “heart attack” snow
WCCO 4, 4/10/13; Dr. Steven Goldsmith interviewed

Synthetic drug use, far from gone away
Pioneer Press, 4/6/13; Debbie Anderson interviewed

St. Paul girl, 5, honored for role in saving teen from house fire
Pioneer Press, 4/2/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

St. Paul woman thanks rescuers who saved daughters life in a blaze
Star Tribune, 4/2/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu quoted

Patrick Yoon, MD recognized as 2013 Community Caregiver
Minnesota Physician Magazine, 4/1/13; Dr. Patrick Yoon interviewed

Hennepin paramedic’s life was saved by the CPR he teaches
Star Tribune, 3/20/13; Wayne Schneider, Greg Booth, Robert Ball interviewed

Extended winter is clouding Minnesotans’ mood
Star Tribune, 3/19/13; Dr. Eduardo Colon interviewed

Watch out for that ice
WCCO 4, 3/18/13

Paramedic brought back to life after losing pulse for an hour
KSTP-5, 3/18/13; Wayne Schneider, Jordan Wardell, Greg Booth interviewed

The human touch in medicine
Star Tribune, 3/16/13

Susan Olson joins HCMC
Business Journal, 3/14/13

Friday Roundtable: the costs of medical care
MPR, 3/8/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh, panelist

Rested and Ready! Getting better sleep
KARE 11; 3/7/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Discover the science behind shuteye
Prospectus, 3/7/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Souhan: A hockey hit that changed Duffy Fallon’s life
Star Tribune, 3/6/13; Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured
KSTP 5; 3/4/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed via phone

Police get medical training in high-pressure situations
KSTP 5, 2/27/13; Dr. Jeff Ho and Rob Snyder interviewed

Power LOAD cot reduces injuries to paramedics, patients
KSTP 5, 2/23/13; Chad Dotzler interviewed

HCMC works to reduce injuries on the slopes
KSTP 5, 2/23/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Many HCMC patients lack housing security
Downtown Journal, 2/21/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

Brooklyn Park Clinic has lowest C-section rate
NW Cable 12 News, 2/20/13; Kaydi Novack, CNM

C-section rates in Minnesota vary dramatically
Star Tribune, 2/20/13; Brooklyn Park Clinic mentioned

Lunch-bill aid fills an essential need
Star Tribune, 2/19/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

Cavities still chronic Minnesota childhood disease
KSTP-5, 2/19/13; Dr. Patricia Tarren interviewed

New Chief Executive Officer has roots at HCMC
Hennepin County, 2/15/13; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

Doctor joins Hennepin County Medical Center
The Doings/Oak Brook, 2/14/13; Dr. Gaurav Guliani mentioned

Adderall: The Get-Ahead Drug
SELF Magazine, 2/13/13; Dr. Paul Marshall quoted

HCMC names Wisconsin med exec CEO
Business Journal, 2/12/13; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

Freezing rain leads to increased slips, injuries
WCCO 4, 1/29/13; Dr. William Heegaard interviewed

Experts weigh in on natural cold and flu remedies
NW Cable 12 TV, 1/29/13; Kristin Fischer interviewed

Cervical cancer awareness month
KARE 11, 1/25/13; Dr. Brad Linzie interviewed

Frostbite sets in fast in frigid temperatures
Fox 9 News, 1/22/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Frostbite 101
Star Tribune, 1/21/13

New Hope man tells tale of frostbite survival
NW Cable 12 News, 1/18/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

John Williams show: The flu
WCCO Radio, 1/17/13; Dr. David Hilden interviewed

HCMC’s Simulation Center tests doctors, nurses
NW Cable 12 News, 1/15/13; Gene Streck interviewed

Doctors busy treating frostbite at Hennepin County Medical Center
KSTP-5, 1/15/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Bicyclist says finding woman stranded in car was “fate”
KARE 11, 1/14/13

Hero wants to hug crash survivor
Fox 9, 1/14/13

Woman recovering after being trapped in her car for 18 hours
KSTP-5, 1/14/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Woman who spent night in car recovering
WCCO 4, 1/14/13

Trapped in her car for 18 hours, Centerville woman prayed for help
Star Tribune, 1/14/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Hennepin County paramedics protect themselves from flu
WCCO 4, 1/12/13; Kyle Koelln interviewed

Deaths increase, misery mounts as flu sweeps the nation
USA Today, 1/10/13; Dr. John Hick interviewed

FDA orders makers of sleeping pills to cut dosage for women
WCCO 4, 1/10/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Woman has surprise delivery at Brooklyn Park Clinic
NW Cable 12 News, 1/10/13

Woman delivers baby during clinic visit
KARE 11, 1/9/13

With bad flu season, can Tamiflu help?
KARE 11, 1/7/13; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

New HCMC Simulation Center
KSTP-5, 1/5/13; Lisa Fitzgerald-Swenson interviewed live

Flu cases on the rise
NW Cable 12 News, 1/4/13; Dr. Kartika Bhardwaj interviewed

Event promotes helmets for winter athletes
MPR, 12/28/12; John Price interviewed

Health beat: hospitals begin “save this brain” campaign
Star Tribune, 12/28/12; Mary Bensman quoted

Lithium batteries in gifts pose health threat
MPR, 12/26/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Medical Education at HCMC
MD News, December 2012; Dr. Michael Belzer, Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Coon Rapids man joins emergency department at HCMC
ABC Newspapers, 12/18/12

Santa visits boy fighting brain cancer at HCMC
WCCO 4 News, 12/17/12

HCMC’s Brooklyn Park Clinic’s 2-year anniversary
NW Cable 12 News, 12/12/12; Dr. Lowell Stoltzfus, Brenda Kennelly interviewed

Twin Cities paramedics find job tougher after winter blast
KARE 11, 12/11/12; Doug Gesme interviewed

Storm’s aftermath causes headaches for drivers, injuries for walkers
WCCO 4, 12/10/12; Dr. David Plummer interviewed

Heavy snow brings health risks, warnings
KARE 11, 12/10/12; Robert Ball interviewed

MDH analyzes medical record security
KSTP 5, 12/7/12; Kari Myrold interviewed

Marijuana use not a cut-and-dried issue
East Central Minnesota Post-Review, 12/5/12; Dr. Charlie Reznikoff quoted

Stillwater native joins HCMC pediatrics department
Stillwater Gazette, 11/28/12; Dr. Gretchen Voge

Not common, lupus can be deadly
KARE 11, 11/26/12; Dr. Barbara Segal interviewed

Fighting office germs
Star Tribune, 11/19/12; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

Gas fireplaces are inviting but present danger
KSTP-5, 11/18/12; Dr. George Peltier interviewed

Web extra: CPR demonstration
KSTP-5, 11/16/12; Rob Snyder interviewed

Fasting may not be needed for cholesterol test
KARE 11, 11/13/12; Dr. Bradley Bart interviewed

Jack Jablonski wins Courage in Sports award
CBS/WCCO 4, 11/11/12; HCMC mentioned

Duluth Ice Arena evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide
KSTP-5, 11/8/12; Debbie Anderson, Poison Center, interviewed

Ultrafiltration fails in acute HF patients
MedPage Today, 11/6/12; Dr. Bradley Bart quoted

Ultrafiltration fails to show benefit in acute heart failure
Forbes, 11/6/12; Dr. Bradley Bart quoted

On the path to ACOs
Minnesota Medicine, 11/1/12; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Minnesotans answer Boston’s call for help
Star Tribune, 10/28/12; Chris Kummer quoted

HCMC clinics sprouting all over
Business Journal, 10/26/12; Tim Harlin quoted

FDA investigates Monster Energy Drinks linked to 5 deaths 
Fox 9 News, 10/23/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

A third of working risk pay or job loss when child gets sick, survey says
MinnPost, 10/23/12; Raegan Sipe, RN quoted

Halloween contacts can cause health horrors
WCCO 4 News, 10/19/12; Dr. Aaron Nathenson interviewed

A brighter home for the treatment of the mentally ill
MPR/10/18/12; John Gray interviewed

Safety-Net hospitals brace for cut to federal subsidies
Kaiser Health News, 10/14/12; Mike Harristhal interviewed

Breastfeeding after cancer
The Grio/NBC News, 10/11/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo quoted

Safety Net hospitals brace for potential cuts
MPR, 10/9/12;  Michael Harristhal, Rachel Kass interviewed

Out of the pollen, into the dust mites
Star Tribune, 10/9/12; Dr. Jon Sweet interviewed

Doctor stopped Twin Cities 10 mile bid to save collapsed runner
Fox 9 News, 10/8/12; Dr. Carl Dean interviewed

Teen hit by car in graphic video has message for bicyclists
WCCO 4 News, 9/27/12; Dr. Andrew Kiragu, Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Patient experience rallies inspire behavior change
NAPH, 9/24/12; Sheila Moroney quoted

Former patient says methodone was just another addiction
Duluth News-Tribune, 9/23/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

U professor studies young athletes’ eating habits
MN Daily, 9/20/12; Megan Thomas quotes

Speedway trip had lightning finish
Star Tribune, 9/18/12; Dr. Ryan Fey quoted

Study links ibuprofen, acetaminophen to hearing loss
KARE 11 News, 9/13/12; Dr. Robert Maisel interviewed

Acupuncture advocate: results are better than placebos
Fox 9 News, 9/11/12; Pat Culliton interviewed

Blue Cross ad aims to fight obesity by targeting parents
WCCO 4 News, 9/10/12; Rachel Newby interviewed

HCMC is first metro hospital to go paperless
Business Journal, 9/10/12; Joanne Sunquist quoted

HIMSS Analytics recognizes HCMC with Stage 7 Award
HIMSS Analytics, 9/10/12; Joanne Sunquist quoted

3-year-old Prior Lake girl survives radiation injury 
KARE 11 News, 9/6/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson interviewed

Doctors recommend flu vaccines as school starts
Fox 9 News, 9/4/12; Dr. Stacene Maroushek interviewed

Sleep is critical for kids before school
WCCO 4 News, 8/27/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Healthier food for your children can make them healthier and smarter
The Washington Times, 8/25/12; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

New Richmond nurse hired at HCMC
New Richmond News, 8/25/12; Dana Langness

9-year-old honored for saving sister’s life
WCCO 4, 8/20/12; Tom Polzin interviewed

Minneapolis kid honored as 911 hero
KARE 11, 8/20/12; Tom Polzin interviewed

St. Paul teen’s death might be first in the area linked to codeine mix
Star Tribune, 8/8/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

35W bridge collapse survivor signs book at HCMC today
KSTP 5, 8/1/12

5 years since 35W bridge collapse
Fox 9, 8/1/12

Bridge collapse victims reflect on tragedy and loss
WCCO 4, 8/1/12

Good Question: How do we remember big events so vividly?
WCCO 4, 8/1/12; Dr. Eduardo Colon interviewed

Science could explain 7 babies born to 7 mothers in 7 months
KSTP-5, 7/30/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Unrelenting heat can wither your meds, too
Star Tribune, 7/22/12; Ann Brigino interviewed

No reason to delay getting hearing aids
Star Tribune, 7/17/12; Janet Hansen interviewed

Hunger games: Congress targets food assistance for the most vulnerable
The Pumphandle, 7/13/12; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Drowning prevention strategies for parents
KSTP-5, 7/15/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Major heroin ring dismantled after 15-month investigation
WCCO 4 News, 7/12/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Should Minnesota make opiate OD antidote Narcan more available?
MPR, 7/10/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Study: Kids raised with pets are healthier
Fox 9 News, 7/9/12; Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio interviewed

Mpls. barista recovering, police search for hit-and-run driver
KARE 11, 7/7/12

Noise may add to heart attack risk
Star Tribune, 7/4/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann quoted

Heat exhaustion cases on the rise
KARE 11, 7/3/12; Oriana Beaudet, RN interviewed

Dangerous heat expected through July 4
MPR, 7/3/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN interviewed

Warm days can create dangerously hot surfaces
KAAL TV (Rochester), 7/3/12; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Heat and humidity making it tough to stay hydrated
KARE 11, 7/2/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN interviewed

Overnight rain gives Twin Cities brief respite from heat
Star Tribune, 7/3/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN quoted

Heat safety
Fox 9, 7/2/12; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Minnesota health policy makers face many “fine-print” decisions, tight deadline
Minnesota Public Radio, 6/29/12; Mike Harristhal interviewed

Assessment helps save Mound resident
Waconia Patriot, 6/22/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez quoted

FDA approves weight-loss drug
Fox 9 News, 6/27/12;  Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Sleep violence: a real danger, little understood
Scientific American, 6/14/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann quoted

Medicaid numbers spike in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 6/13/12; photo taken in Coordinated Care Clinic

Nocturnal wanderings
UMNews, 6/12/12; Dr. Mark Mahowald interviewed

Doctor discusses bath salt incidents, effects
Fox 9 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

What can infection lead to? Doctors issue warning
WCCO 4 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Mark Sprenkle interviewed

Twin Cities hospitals quickly respond to heart attack patients
KSTP-5 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Bikers be aware: Ride defensively
Star Tribune, 6/1/12; Julie Philbrook, RN quoted

Heart attack victim, doctor stress importance of CPR
WCCO 4 News, 5/31/12; Dr. Joanna Moore interviewed

Deer tick season arrives early
WCCO Radio, 5/30/12; Dr. David Hilden interviewed

New hyperbaric chamber among the most advanced in U.S.
Cable 12 News, 5/24/12; Dr. Cher Adkinson interviewed

Warning: New laundry detergent looks like candy to kids
KSTP-5 News, 5/24/12; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

HCMC replaces 1960s-era hyperbaric chamber
Star Tribune, 5/23/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson, Dr. Bjorn Westgaard quoted

A tablet PC made for emergencies
Star Tribune, 5/19/12; Robert Ball quoted

The new study buddy
Northland News Center, 5/18/12; Dr. Paul Marshall interviewed

Sleepwalking more common than once thought
KARE 11 News, 5/15/12; Dr. Mark Mahowald interviewed

Is the Twin Cities Metro Area prepared for a storm?
MPR, 5/15/12; Mark Lappe interviewed

ERs see increase in cases of kids swallowing button batteries
KSTP-5, 5/14/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Window falls
KSTP-5, 5/13/12; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Work-life balance for hospitalists a people issue, not a women’s issue
The Hospitalist, 5/9/12; Dr. Mark Linzer quoted

Expert to parents: secure window screens
Minnesota Public Radio, 5/2/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Hennepin County Medical Center’s new Center for Hyperbaric Medicine
MD News, 5/1/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson quoted

Minneapolis students fed up with being underfed at lunch
WCCO 4 News, 4/30/12; Megan Thomas interviewed

Doc discusses teen diabetes, prevention
Fox 9 News, 4/30/12; Dr. Julia Joseph-DiCaprio interviewed

New sunscreen label rules debut in June
Fox 9 News, 4/23/12; Dr. Bruce Bart interviewed

Preventing kids’ sports injuries
KSTP 5 News, 4/22/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

State funds for medical training in limbo
Minnesota Public Radio, 4/16/12; Dr. Michael Belzer interviewed

EDs grapple with surging demands from patients with dental problems
Dentistry IQ, 5/1/12; Dr. Mary Seieroe quoted

Chew on this: Wrigley rolls out caffeinated gum
Star Tribune, 4/15/13; Dr. Julia Joseph-DiCaprio interviewed

Tough choices on your health start today

Star Tribune, 4/16/12; Commentary by Dr. Donald Jacobs, others

Lights and sirens don’t phase you? Maybe “The Howler” will get your attention

KSTP-5 News, 4/16/12; Paramedic Chad Dotzler interviewed

K-E diet fad creates controversy
Fox 9 News, 4/16/12; Dietician Megan Thomas interviewed

Saving seconds during a seizure
Cable 12 TV, 4/10/12; Dr. Michelle Biros and paramedics Dustin Speed and Don Wolfe interviewed

Doctors working to raise boy’s body temperature
Minnesota Public Radio, 4/10/12; Dr. Jim Miner interviewed

A stroke at any age
Cable 12 TV, 4/3/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez interviewed

Transformations in care
Minnesota Physician, 4/1/12; Dr. Mark Linzer

Seasonal allergies
Cable 12 TV, 3/27/12; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

Gastric bypass surgery helps MN couple ditch diabetes
Fox 9 News, 3/26/12; Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Fast action, sales rep’s timing save local stroke patient
KSTP-5 News, 3/26/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez interviewed

HCMC program strengthens brain after concussion
KARE 11 News, 3/20/12; Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Hennepin Regional Poison Center celebrates 40th anniversary
KSTP-5, 3/20/12

Is sleep really necessary in 8-hour blocks?
MPR, 3/14/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Slippery start lands at least 30 in hospital
WCCO 4 News, 3/8/12

Quick snow shower triggers crashes and spinouts
KARE 11 News, 3/8/12; Christine Hill quoted

Surviving ear infection season
Cable 12 TV, 2/28/12; Dr. Janielle Nordell interviewed

The Way We Play the Game
Sports Illustrated, 2/27/12

Web surrounds Boogaard overdose investigation
Fox 9 News, 2/22/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Inhalable caffeine being investigated by FDA
KARE 11 News, 2/21/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Is the “cinnamon challenge” dangerous?
KARE 11 News, 2/21/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

When you need a banker–STAT!
Star Tribune, 2/14/12

C-sections not always best for preemies
Huffington Post, 2/9/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

The Concussion Discussion: Minnesota leads way in prevention and treatment
KARE 11 News, 2/6/12; Dr. Andrew Kiragu and Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Art no longer for art’s sake
National Association of Public Hospitals, 1/29/12; Wenda Lyons-Ballinger

From nightmare on ice to uncertain recovery
MSNBC, 1/27/12; Hennepin EMS photographed

Hospital teaches low-income families to fight obesity
Minnesota Public Radio, 1/27/12

Researchers untangling link between hunger and obesity
Minnesota Public Radio, 1/27/12; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Ridgewater College to benefit from United Way grant
West Central Tribune, 1/24/12; EMS training program mentioned

Sleep-malady drugs now in short supply in Twin Cities
Star Tribune, 1/23/12; Connie Ullevig, RN quoted

Paralyzed hockey player Jablonski leaves hospital for rehab center today
MPR, 1/23/12

Jack Jablonski leaves hospital for rehab center
KARE 11 News, 1/23/12

Jabs: “This is like a calling almost” 
Star Tribune, 1/20/12

Good Question: How much of diabetes is genetic?
WCCO 4 News, 1/19/12; Dr. Nolawit Tesfaye interviewed

Jablonski family pleased with new hockey penalties
KARE 11 News, 1/16/12

Amerk’s Joe Finley pulling for injured friend Jack Jablonski
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)

Jablonskis urge quick changes to make hockey safer
Star Tribune, 1/12/12

“Jack’s Pledge” aims to lower hockey risks
Fargo InForum, 1/12/12

Getting better sleep in the New Year
KARE 11 News, 1/11/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed live from Sleep Center

Construction of a countywide EHR part of a larger national IT program
FierceHealthIT, 1/10/12;

A second set of eyes cuts errors at HCMC
Star Tribune, 1/6/12; Bruce Thompson quoted

Outpouring of support for injured hockey player
MPR, 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Injured Benilde hockey player unlikely to walk again
Pioneer Press, 1/5/12;  Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Jack Jablonski won’t walk again, parents say
Fox 9 News, 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Doctor: Hockey player won’t walk again
ESPN; 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich quoted

Do different birth years mean different insurance statements for twins?
Kaiser Health News, 1/3/12

3 sets of twins born in different years
Fox News, 1/3/12

Coaches assail dangerous youth hockey hits
Star Tribune, 1/3/12; Dr. Tina Slusher quoted

Benilde hockey player has severed spinal cord
Fox 9 News, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

BSM hockey player to have surgery this week
St. Louis Park Patch, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

Support pouring in for BSM athlete
St. Louis Park Patch, 1/2/12

Support strong for Benilde hockey player
KARE 11 News, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

HCMC ushers in twins; one this year, one last
Star Tribune, 1/1/12