Jack Jablonski discharged from HCMC

On Monday, January 23, Jack Jablonski was transferred from Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) to Sister Kenny Institute  for rehabilitation by the two paramedics who were on duty when the 16-year-old was injured.

On December 30, HCMC paramedics Scott Brethorst and Geoff Antonenko responded to a call from St. Louis Park Rec Center, where a hockey player was down after being checked. The paramedics immediately went out on the ice to care for Jablonski. “There are certain types of calls we remember for the rest of our lives, ” explains paramedic Scott Brethorst. “And this was one of them.”

After assessing Joblonski, Brethorst’s concern was easily read by his colleague, paramedic Geoff Antonenko.

“I remember Scott gave me a look that said, ‘this is serious,'” said Antonenko.

Jablonski spent the next 24 days at HCMC, where his room took on the look of a pro shop with autographed jerseys and memorabilia from sports teams  and celebrities throughout the country.

Emergency Medical Services supervisor Wade Johnson, who is also the coach of the Hennepin Generals hockey team, heard of Jablonski’s pending discharge and knew that Brethorst and Antonenko would like to see him before he left HCMC.

“One of our new ambulance rigs was arriving on Monday morning, so we arranged it so that the two paramedics who brought him to HCMC in December could bring Jack to the next part of his journey,” said Johnson.  “His story touched us all, and we wanted to do this for him.”

“We don’t often get the opportunity to follow up with the patients we care for, so it was an honor to see this courageous young man again,” said  Brethorst.  “Like I said, there are certain calls you never forget.”

Paramedics Scott Brethorst and Geoff Antonenko wait outside Jack's room to transfer him to Sister Kenny Institute

Chad Greenway, Jeremy Roenick among athletes to visit hockey player at HCMC

Jack Jablonski, the inspirational young hockey player who sustained an injury to his spine after a game on December 30, has had a steady stream of visitors to his hospital room to offer encouragement and support. In addition to friends and family visits, several well-known athletes have also stopped by to see Jack.

The first one was Lou Nanne on January 2, who also spoke at a news conference with the Jablonski family on January 12 to promote enforcement of hockey rules to keep the game safe.

Other famous visitors include: Cal Clutterbuck, Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley of the Minnesota Wild;  Dan Brooks, (son of the legendary Herb Brooks); Olympian Rob McClanahan; San Jose Sharks’ Logan Couture, Jamie McGinn, Joe Pavelski, Ryane Clowe;  and recently Chad Greenway of the Minnesota Vikings (on January 19) and and retired NHL star Jeremy Roenick (on January 20) also visited Jack at HCMC.

Jeremy Roenick and Jack and Max Jablonski


Chad Greenway with Jack and Max Jablonski
Chad Greenway, Leslie, Mike, Jack and Max Jablonski