Hennepin Healthcare video stream lets parents stay close to fragile newborns
Star Tribune, 12/30/20
It can be heartbreaking for parents of a baby born prematurely or with health problems to go without visiting their fragile newborn. It’s also become common, as COVID-19 restrictions limit how many visitors at-risk newborns are allowed, said Laura Gary, nurse manager of the neonatal intensive care unit at Hennepin Healthcare.

AngelEye gives parents a shareable livestream of baby in NICU
FOX 9, 12/29/20
“Right now, we’re not letting any siblings in, so none of these siblings at home get to see the babies up until now when we have Angel Eye. They can watch their little brother or sister on camera,” said NICU nurse Sam Low. “I’ve had one mom say that it’s their new favorite TV show. Another mom said she ended up staying up all night because she couldn’t stop watching her babies.”

Hennepin Healthcare brings families into the neonatal ICU with new technology
Business Journals, 12/29/20
“I think it’s incredible in this time of Covid,” said Laura Gary, nurse manager of the NICU at Hennepin Healthcare, who described the app as an “all-access pass” to newborns. The hospital first explored getting the technology in the spring, when the Covid-19 pandemic restricted the number of visitors NICUs allowed at a time to just one. That one was almost always the mother.

8 Health care workers shared photos while getting the Covid-19 vaccine – and their reactions are everything
Explore Health, 12/29/20
Psychologist Talee Vang, PsyD, from Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tweeted, “Mental health is as important as physical health. Throughout the pandemic I have continued seeing patients at bedside. So glad today I got my #covidvaccine2020. #mybestshot at keeping my patients, my family, and myself safe! Psychologists on the front lines!”

Honoring warriors on the frontlines of COVID-19
CBS Sunday Morning, 12/27/20
Dr. Shirlee Xie featured in CBS Sunday Morning.

The gift of gratitude for those on COVID duty
Star Tribune, 12/24/20
As the holiday settles in, workers like Tyana Chatham-McCaskill, 25, will be on the job Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. She’s a lab technician with Hennepin Healthcare, going into multiple patients’ rooms each day to do blood draws.

HCMC begins COVID-19 staff vaccinations; “Today, we take over that battle,” CEO says
KSTP 5, 12/18/20
“It’s been an incredible almost 300 days of sweat and tears by these team members, they’ve done an incredible job battling this virus in this pandemic and today is the day we take over that battle,” Hennepin Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Jennifer DeCubellis said.

Minnesota will get fewer Pfizer vaccine than expected this month
FOX 9, 12/18/20
“They have done an incredible job battling this virus and this pandemic and today is the day we take over that battle.” – Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO.

Stories from the frontline: SCA chaplains & COVID-19
Spiritual Care Association Magazine, 12/1/20
“As a result of COVID-19, there’s heightened focus on self-care, and I think that’s been a positive thing.” –  David Hottinger, M.Div, Manager of the Spiritual Care Department at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Minnesota considers shorter CDC quarantine guidelines
Star Tribune, 12/3/20
“We cannot afford to continue these levels going into the major holiday season,” said John Hick, a Hennepin Healthcare physician who has helped coordinate the statewide response to the pandemic. 

MICU nurse shares thoughts about working on the front lines
WCCO Radio, 12/2/20
“We want to see our families, too. But in order for us to be here for all of you, we’re not seeing our families.” – Heidi Proehl, RN, Hennepin Healthcare.

Chaplains adapt to new COVID-19 calling
Star Tribune, 12/1/20
The Rev. Andrew Jaspers walked into the hospital room of a man dying of COVID-19 with a mask over his mouth, a shield over his face and a prayer in his heart.

Maplewood barber survives transplant surgeries, COVID-19 and business closures
KSTP 5, 12/1/20
“There is really close and consistent follow-up with our transplant patients,” Dr. Paul Stahler, with Hennepin Healthcare, said.

Home COVID-19 care easing pressure on Minnesota hospitals
Star Tribune, 12/1/20
Home monitoring is “making space” for patients who need hospital beds the most and getting people into ER care faster when needed, said Natalie Ikeman, a physician assistant and coordinator of the Hennepin program.

Man receives kidney from a friend who “never had a doubt” she would be a match
The Catholic Spirit, 11/30/20
HCMC’s transplant coordinator, Jennifer Bodner, had been joking about how Stibal’s generosity and bravery in doing “this totally altruistic act” made her a queen of sorts. One of Stibal’s friends overheard the remark and decided to bring a tiara to the hospital for Stibal to don as she prepared for surgery.

Minnesota hospitals fight to improve odds in COVID-19 ICUs
Star Tribune, 11/29/20
Hennepin County Medical Center was an early user of the steroid dexamethasone to combat the immune system’s sometimes fatal overreaction to infection, and its hunch was verified by a British study showing that the drug reduced COVID-19 mortality.

The steroid is perhaps the most surefire option ICUs have right now, said Dr. James Leatherman, an HCMC critical care physician.

Healthcare workers find thanks, hope for better days this Thanksgiving
FOX 9, 11/26/20
“We are picking up a lot of extra hours, especially the healthy staff,” said Registered Nurse at Hennepin Healthcare Jennifer Karkoc. “My co-workers are the best and I count on them every day to get through this shift.”

Minnesota under new restrictions as cases, hospitalizations surge
CNN, 11/24/20
“We see entire families who can’t isolate from each other that are getting sick,” said Dr. Shirlee Xie, Hennepin Healthcare.

Ice Bucket Challenge co-creator dies, Minnesotans hopeful of new research
KSTP 5, 11/23/20
“I think we’re really close to some breakthroughs for some people with ALS, it’s a complex disease,” said Dr. Sam Maiser of Hennepin Healthcare’s ALS Center of Excellence in Minneapolis.

Health care workers feel squeezed by surge of COVID-19 cases
MPR, 11/19/20
MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with Dr. David Hilden, vice president of medical affairs at Hennepin Healthcare about the stress this surge is putting on health care workers.

Hospitals turn to “virtual visiting” as COVID spreads
WCCO Radio, 11/19/20
As doctors, we’re not just healing the body, we’re healing the mind as well,” said Dr. Deepti Pandita, Chief Health Information Officer for Hennepin Healthcare. “This is one way where we can heal the mind, because family connections are so important.”

Looming COVID restriction have many Minnesota gyms on the ropes
WCCO 4, 11/18/20
Hennepin Healthcare psychologist Dr. Talee Vang says not having access to gyms during a cold wintry month means it’s especially important to work activity into your day to ward off depression and weight gain. Twenty minutes, three times a week can improve your mood.

Rise in at-home injuries amid distance learning
FOX 9, 11/18/20
“Definitely we are seeing more kids coming in either into physician offices or the emergency room,” said Julie Philbrook, a nurse at Hennepin County Medical Center.

What to do if someone in your home has been exposed to COVID

WCCO 4, 11/17/20
Dr. Hannah Lichtsinn with Hennepin Healthcare says if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should get tested immediately.  However, if you’ve been possibly exposed, schedule a test for five to seven days after the exposure.

Live updates: Minnesotans whose lives were impacted by COVID-19 share their stories
KARE 11, 11/17/20
Dr. Jon Cole from Hennepin Healthcare said he cancelled travel plans as the pandemic continued to hit. Five days after cancelling, he and his wife developed COVID-19 symptoms and spread it to their children. Cole describes the sickness as a “horrible experience.” He said he probably has helped more people by staying home and not going on a trip will having COVID-19 than he has currently while having the privilege of working as a doctor.

Golden Valley Clinic shares how it monitors COVID-19 patients recovering at home
CCX Media, 11/17/20
“With COVID-19, there’s something called silent hypoxia, and that’s where your oxygen level can drop very quickly without you even realizing it, and so have that machine at home allows you to catch that before it happens,” explained Natalie Ikeman, Hennepin Healthcare Physician Assistant. She’s also the Director of the COVID-19 Home Monitoring Program.

Next Step program aims to help gun violence victims avoid retaliation
WCCO 4, 11/17/20
“Anybody who gets hurt, their first thought is to get revenge somehow or some way, and that was my first thought. It was in my mind at the time,” Morgan said.

But someone interrupted those thoughts, a stranger who approached him in the hospital, a lifelong educator named Larry Burgess. He told WCCO how he stops people from retaliating: “Showing them love, showing them another way.”

Burgess is part of a cutting-edge violence prevention program which is a joint effort by the city of Minneapolis, HCMC and North Memorial called Next Step.

Long-term care facilities to be among first to receive COVID-19 vaccine
FOX 9, 11/16/20
“If we could give it to everyone at the same time that would be great, but that’s a lot to coordinate very quickly,” said Dr. Caitlin Eccles-Radtke and infectious disease specialist at Hennepin Healthcare. 

At-home child injuries on the rise during pandemic
KARE 11, 11/16/20
This year, more kids are at home due to distance learning. Julie Philbrook, a trauma prevention specialist for Hennepin Healthcare, said they are seeing a rise in preventable home injuries.

As hospitals fill, staffing becomes biggest challenge
MPR, 11/16/20
At Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, spokesperson Christine Hill said the hospital is asking staff who have been exposed to the virus to return to work before the end of their quarantine if they work in areas experiencing a staffing crisis.

“Nurses at Hennepin Healthcare have developed a process to test staff at seven days after a high-risk exposure,” Hill said. “Only if the test is negative can they return to work, adhering strictly to required precautions.” She said the process allows staff to return to work early, but doesn’t require it. The move is a voluntary one, she said.

Minnesota in “desperate and dangerous place” with COVID-19
Star Tribune, 11/15/20
Doctors are troubled by the current spike in cases because it often takes weeks for patients to develop serious disease, said Dr. Matthew Prekker, an emergency and critical care specialist at Hennepin Healthcare.

Hennepin Healthcare doctor gives update on ICU bed situation amid pandemic
Fox 9, 11/8/20
Our volumes are up, our ICUs are busy, our nurses, doctors and support staff are working extremely hard to take care of these patients. – Dr. Matt Prekker

With Minnesota COVID cases soaring, will state officials dial back again? 
WCCO 4, 11/5/20
With Minnesota’s numbers remaining at all-time highs, will our state consider dialing things back again? WCCO spoke with Dr. David Hilden, an internal medicine physician at Hennepin Healthcare.

‘Red alert’ for hospital ICU beds in Twin Cities amid COVID-19 surge
Star Tribune, 11/4/20
“This is not a drill,” said Dr. John Hick, an HCMC physician who is coordinating the collaborative response by Minnesota hospitals. He encouraged public mask-wearing and social distancing to slow viral spread and reduce pressure on hospitals.

With Minnesota Breaking Daily COVID Records, Are Hospitals Ready?
WCCO 4, 10/29/20
Dr. Haylee Veazey, who works in emergency and primary care for Hennepin Healthcare, says the numbers are scary. Malcolm called them alarming. Veazey says more sick patients are coming into the hospital now than earlier this year.

Physicians urging people to double down on COVID-19 safety precautions
KARE 11, 10/26/20
“If this continues on this trend, those numbers could be staggering,” says Dr. Andrew Laudenbach with Hennepin Healthcare.

Walz calls on Minnesotans to hold the line on COVID-19
Star Tribune, 10/26/20
Doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis and other safety-net hospitals around the country joined in calls for increased public compliance. Dr. James Miner, HCMC’s chief of emergency medicine, said he can see the gradual erosion of compliance that occurs at sporting events and other activities.

“Each game you’re a little bit closer, you have a little bit longer conversations, the masks start to come off,” Miner said.

Gov. Walz urges vigilance as COVID cases soar; Feds sending State nearly 1.7M rapid tests
WCCO 4, 10/26/20
As an Emergency Physician at Hennepin Healthcare, Dr. Andrew Laudenbach is urging people to consider those impacts as critical patients will sometimes take weeks to recover.

“One patient being admitted to the hospital with COVID in a way takes up as many places in the hospital as a few patients being admitted for something else,” Dr. Laudenbach said.

MDH COVID-19 briefing: Walz, health official urge Minnesotans to follow guidelines, talk holidays, possible interactions
KSTP 5, 10/26/20
ER doctor James Miner has treated hundreds of COVID patients and says he’s proof that simple precautions can be effective.

As flu season nears, Hennepin Healthcare doctors renew call for action
Fox 9, 10/26/20
“We want to make sure that people aren’t complacent, that they stay vigilant,” said Dr. Andrew Laudenbach. “That they keep wearing masks, they do their best to avoid large gatherings.”

Shorter days, onset of winter weather signal difficult season for mental health
KSTP 5, 10/25/20
“This is such an important topic this year, especially because a lot of the coping skills that we’re used to, especially being with family during the holidays, it’s going to be a challenge for many of us,” Dr. Talee Vang with Hennepin Health Care said.

Doctors warn some hand sanitizers can be toxic to children
WCCO 4, 10/23/20
“We encourage the use of hand sanitizer,” Dr. Jon Cole, an HCMC ER physician who runs the poison control center, said.

2,297 new COVID-19 cases set daily record in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 10/16/20
“Bed capacity is not our challenge in Minnesota, it is keeping our hospitals and health care systems staffed,” said Jennifer DeCubellis, chief executive at Minneapolis-based Hennepin Healthcare.

Minnesotans share with Gov. Tim Walz how COViD has altered their lives
Star Tribune, 10/7/20
Dr. Jon Cole, an ER physician at HCMC, suffered an infection early in the pandemic along with his wife and said it was challenging to get through it while caring for their four children, who also were infected.

“I’ve never felt so short of breath in my life,” said Cole, who spoke at the governor’s roundtable.

Trump tests Covid positive, hospitalized at Walter Reed “out of an abundance of caution”
WCCO 4, 10/2/20
Dr. John Hick says the risk of severe COVID-19 disease for anyone Trump’s age is high.

President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis serves as reminder to take virus seriously, MN doctor says
WCCO 4, 10/2/20
“Hopefully it does bring light to the fact that this is a disease that is still present and unfortunately growing in some cases,” said Dr. Kate Hust.

Hust, who works at Hennepin Healthcare, has been treating COVID-19 patients since the initial outbreak. And even though the symptoms haven’t changed much, the age of those getting COVID-19 has expanded.

Minnesota doctor speaks on news trends in COVID-19 spread
WCCO 4/MSN, 10/2/20
John Lauritsen spoke to Dr. Kate Hust from Hennepin Healthcare about the trends in virus spread following the President’s announcement he has COVID-19.

Five common flu shot misconceptions, debunked
Mpls/StPaul Magazine, 10/2/20
According to Hennepin Healthcare Clinical Supervisor Nan Lomen, RN, there have been 12,000-61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

“You might be thinking, ‘The flu is not as deadly as smallpox or our current pandemic,’” says Lomen. “You would be right, but influenza and COVID-19 are illnesses that can cause severe illness and even death.”

Heroes of the pandemic: First responders leap in despite the unknown
Star Tribune, 9/24/20
As COVID-19 spread globally in March, Dr. Deepti Pandita lost sleep knowing the inevitable next steps. To keep patients safe, Hennepin Healthcare would need to quickly shut down elective clinic operations, cutting off vulnerable patients from essential medical care and equally valuable human touch.

HCMC Physician: “We’re all pleased with the access we have to COVID testing now”
Southwest Journal, 9/23/20
Matthew Prekker, critical care physician, Hennepin County Medical Center: Things during the workday now feel a bit more like the normal conditions that we remember from 2019. This coronavirus is still everywhere and we still assume everyone we meet has it in the hospital and we’re still seeing a lot of folks come in with viral infections.

Study finds screen time has skyrocketed for some kids during the pandemic
WCCO 4, 9/22/20
Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian says there is a difference between recreational screen time and interactive.

CDC issues Halloween guidance, discourages traditional trick-or-treating
KARE 11, 9/22/20
Dr. Stacene Maroushek said staying outdoors is a safer way to celebrate Hallloween.

Minnesota doctor with COVID-19 spends 106 days in own hospital
Fox 9, 9/15/20
Dr. Nyan Pyae thought he was going to the hospital, getting some oxygen and coming back home. What resulted, however, is one of the longest hospital stays for a COVID-19 patient in Minnesota at 106 days.

Minnesota doctor survives 100-plus day COVID battle
Star Tribune, 9/14/20
Dr. Nyan Pyae said he is appreciating life and will never forget what the HCMC caregivers did: “Without them, I would have been gone. I’m very grateful.”

COVID widens racial gap in Minnesota’s health care system
Star Tribune, 9/13/20
Dr. Deepti Pandita, a physician at Hennepin Healthcare who has worked to address health disparities, said a community-needs survey and anecdotal evidence quickly showed problems: People in some cultures can’t use a camera; others were concerned about having their faces recorded.

Minnesota’s broad COVID-19 testing under microscope
Star Tribune, 9/12/20
Doctors don’t receive cycle thresholds with positive test results but can call labs to discuss how the data could affect complex cases, said Dr. Glen Hansen, medical director for clinical microbiology and molecular diagnostics at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis.

Promising COVID-19 vaccine trials put on hold, more than 1,000 Minnesota patients already enrolled
KARE 11, 9/9/20
“It could still move forward, they just have to sort out what the actual issue was,” Dr. Stacene Maroushek says.

Why COVID-19 isn’t the only cause listed in CDC’s death numbers
KARE 11, 8/31/20
Dr. David Hilden, who serves as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Hennepin Healthcare, explained why so many people are misinterpreting what this new report is truly all about.

Some perplexed by CDC guidelines, seeming to shift to less COVID-19 testing
WCCO 4, 8/26/20
“A lot of us are surprised. It just sort of happened and came out of the blue,” Hennepin Healthcare physician, Dr. Caitlin Eccles-Radtke, said.

New study suggests children may be COVID-19 “super spreaders” despite showing little to no symptoms
KARE 11, 8/20/20
“It’s unfortunately, a bit of a perfect storm,” Dr. Stacene Maroushek says. Maroushek is a pediatric infectious disease expert at Hennepin Healthcare.

University of Minnesota launches stem cell trial against severe COVID-19
Star Tribune, 8/14/20
“It’s very much not ready for clinical implementation and clinical use,” said Dr. Jason Baker, a Hennepin Health doctor who is part of the NIH review team. “There is potential, but it very much needs to be proven.”

St. Hubert Catholic Church collects thousands of items for those in need
SW News Media, 8/10/20
“Our food bank closet was nearly empty,” said Ryan Erdmier, East Lake Clinic Manager. “When Firefighters for Healing called with the news of their community’s collection — it was great news. We serve many patients in need of these very basic essentials.”

UnitedHealth Group studies COVID-19 risks with sickle cell
Star Tribune, 8/9/20
A study on potential COVID-19 risks with sickle cell trait is needed, said Dr. Douglas Rausch, division director for hematology/oncology at Hennepin Healthcare. Rausch pointed to a report from a medical journal in June that also speculated on a connection between carrying the trait and suffering serious illness from the coronavirus.

Why it’s more important than ever to get a flu shot this season
KARE 11, 8/6/20
“We don’t want to burden the healthcare system that’s already really stretched to its limit,” said Nan Lomen, clinical supervisor of Worksite Wellness at Hennepin Healthcare.

Mayo’s plasma program shows first signs of COVID-19 benefit
Star Tribune, 8/6/20
“We’re all kind of waiting for more standard products to come out where you know how much antibody that someone is getting,” said Dr. Anne Frosch, who is leading HCMC’s COVID-19 convalescent plasma program.

Relief from administrative burdens must remain after pandemic ends
, 8/4/20
Published in the peer-reviewed journal Health Affairs, “Practice and Policy Reset Post-COVID-19: Reversion, Transition or Transformation?” was written by Christine Sinsky, MD, vice president of professional satisfaction at the AMA, and AMA member Mark Linzer, MD, director of the Institute for Professional Work Life at Hennepin Healthcare and professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Health and economy experts worry about long-term impact of COVID-19 fight
KARE 11, 8/3/20
“We really have to be thinking marathon, not a sprint,” Hennepin Healthcare pediatrician Dr. Stacene Maroushek says.

Mobile vaccine clinic meets patients at home during pandemic
Fox 9, 7/30/20
Hennepin Healthcare is hitting the road to make vaccination appointments easy and accessible amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “The last thing we need right now is an outbreak of measles or whooping cough,” said Dr. Dawn Martin.

These mothers are fighting for their families by occupying vacant homes
Rewire News, 7/30/20
Housing functions as an “anchor that families require to build security in terms of shelter, food, education, childcare, and employment,” Dr. Diana Cutts, a pediatrician and co-lead principal investigator for the research group Children’s HealthWatch, told Rewire.News.

With Walz’s Decision On School Looming, Local Pediatrician Weighs In On COVID-19 Child Impacts
WCCO 4, 7/29/20
Doctor Krishnan Subrahmanian is a pediatrician at Hennepin Health Care.

“We’ve actually found that asthma may not be the biggest concern but there are kids who have immunocompromised status and those kids we do worry about,” Dr. Subrahmanian said.

Fifth annual Dawson Strong ride is Saturday
AitkinAge.com, 7/29/20
Originally postponed from the third week of June due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will raise money for the HCMC Extraordinary Kids fund, which  helps provide a “child and family-centered environment,” according to HCMC.

To mask or not to mask while working out
KARE 11, 7/29/20
“If you’re going to way it out between getting COVID-19 or exercising try to choose a place where you can exercise without being around people so you don’t get COVID-19,” said Physician Assistant Natalie Ikeman, with Hennepin Healthcare. 

Months into pandemic, Minnesota’s COVID-19 death rate still elusive
Star Tribune, 7/27/20
Hennepin Healthcare contributed findings from 150 patients to a national study looking at recovery rates after COVID-19 symptoms emerged. Published by the CDC on Friday, the study showed that 35% of patients who received only outpatient treatment had not returned to usual health two to three weeks after they were diagnosed. Among patients ages 18 to 34, about one-fifth still reported problems.

Top Doctors Special Report: Pivoting in a Pandemic
Mpls StPaul Magazine, 7/22/20
“One of our biggest goals is to keep COVID-19 patients separated from trauma patients,” Dr. Rob Reardon, ER doctor at HCMC, says.

HCMC physician: “We’re capable of testing up to 2,000 patients a day”
Southwest Journal, 7/20/20
What still gives me pause with things reopening is that there are still very sick patients with COVID being admitted every week. Matthew Prekker, critical care physician, Hennepin County Medical Center

Is it heat exhaustion or COVID-19? Doctors explain the difference
KARE 11, 7/17/20
While the heat can affect us in many ways, Dr. Haylee Veazey says excessive heat won’t typically cause respiratory issues like a dry cough; that would be something else, possibly COVID-19.

Minnesota Poison Control warns of rise in methanol exposure cases from hand sanitizers
KARE 11, 7/17/20
“The FDA has seen a drastic increase in hand sanitizer products labeled as containing ethanol – but they are actually testing positive for methanol contamination,” explains Hennepin Healthcare emergency physician Dr. Travis Olives.

Minnesotans warned of dangers of methanol in hand sanitizers
Star Tribune, 7/18/20
Minnesota health officials are warning the public about the danger of methanol — wood alcohol — in some hand sanitizers, following a similar caution from the Food and Drug Administration.

Bars, cabin gatherings linked to surge in COVID-19 cases in 20-year-olds
CCX Media, 7/11/20
The novel coronavirus outbreak has an increasing grip on young adults. Natalie Ikeman, a physician assistant with Hennepin Healthcare, said COVID-19 cases are trending upward among adults in their 20s and 30s.

Minnesota remains at risk from COVID-19, pandemic highlights inequity
Insight News, 7/10/20
While racial inequalities have persisted for decades, the pandemic has brought them into stark relief and emphasized that “we are only healthy in Minnesota, when everybody in Minnesota is healthy,” said Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO of Hennepin Healthcare System.

Addressing employee mental health during COVID-10
Twin Cities Business Magazine, 7/10/20
Hennepin Healthcare’s Worksite Wellness program has pivoted to offering virtual resources, said Nanette Lomen, a registered nurse and clinical supervisor.

East Lake Clinic damaged in Minneapolis riots sets up pop-up clinic on bus
Fox 9, 7/9/20
“It is nice to be back and I think it gives people a lot of hope, ya know?” said Dr. Ndidiamaka Koka, the medical director of the East Lake Clinic. “They can see familiar faces and people that have been through other things in their lives.”

Former CMS head Slavitt: Minnesota can have its economy back – if it stays “hyper-vigilant”
MinnPost, 7/9/20
The committee also heard some statistics from the head of Hennepin Healthcare System on racial disparities in the impact of the virus. Chief Executive Officer Jennifer DeCubellis said that the system has done 30,000 COVID-19 tests with 4,300 of those positive tests. Of those testing positive, half are in non-English speaking people, 42 percent are from the Latinx community with Latinx people representing 28 percent of the hospitalizations.

Minnesota remains at risk from COVID-19, as pandemic highlights inequity
Minnesota Legislature, 7/9/20
While racial inequalities have persisted for decades, the pandemic has brought them into stark relief and emphasized that “we are only healthy in Minnesota, when everybody in Minnesota is healthy,” said Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO of Hennepin Healthcare System.

Number of people seeking help in therapy increasing as Floyd death unrest, COVID uncertainty take toll
WCCO Radio, 7/8/20
“There are so many more cases of depression, anxiety, and trauma related to everything that’s going on with COVID-19 and a lot of the civil unrest,”  Dr. Talee Vang, senior clinical psychologist in primary care behavioral health at Hennepin Healthcare, said.

Wellness Wednesday: Reducing stress for better health
MPR, 7/8/20
Dr. Kara Parker from Whittier Clinic joined MPR News host Angela Davis to talk about the mental and physical impacts of stress and how to reduce it for better health.

Lt. Gov. Announce $56.6M Proposal To Help Child Care Centers During

WCCO 4, 7/7/20
Dr. Stacene Maroushek said children with underlying health conditions or under the age of one are more at risk.

Swimming safety this Fourth of July weekend
KARE 11, 7/2/20
Dr. Jim Miner, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare, says if you can’t see your feet when you’re up to your knees, you should not swim in that water. That’s because the algae blooms that make the water so dark and green can cause skin rashes and irritation, and give people flu-like symptoms.

Hospital chaplains grapple with COVID-19’s “Tsunami” of grief
Huffington Post, 6/23/20
Chaplain Nicole Smith: I have to wear a mask and goggles. It usually lets down patients’ guard to see my face, a friendly face, a smile. I usually come in with a cheerful voice. Now my voice is muffled and people have to ask, “What did you just say?” I’m not even sure they can see my eyes. I hope my eyes are smiling.

Hennepin County’s star administrator off to challenging start leading massive Hennepin Healthcare
Star Tribune, 6/22/20
Jennifer DeCubellis had been CEO of Hennepin Healthcare
, the sprawling system that operates the county’s flagship trauma hospital and clinics, for two weeks when COVID-19 upended her transition plans.

New Minnesota data shows even wider racial gap in COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths
Star Tribune, 6/22/20
While social factors lead to health disparities, hospitals are working hard to make sure they aren’t reinforced by the care they provide with COVID-19 patients, said Syl Jones, equity and inclusion director at Hennepin Healthcare.

Planning a road trip this summer? Here’s how to stay safe from the virus
KARE 11, 6/19/20
Hennepin Healthcare Trauma Prevention Specialist Julie Philbrook says planning your road trip ahead of time is more important than ever.

U.K. study backs HCMC’s bullish use of dexamethasone for COVID-19
Star Tribune, 6/17/20
HCMC intensivists have been using the drug for treatment of severe COVID-19 cases almost from the start of the pandemic.

COVID-19 fears keep millions of Americans from seeking hospital care
Star Tribune, 6/15/20
“That is just a stunning number that suggests a lot of people are not seeking care for things they should be seeking care for,” said Dr. John Hick, a state adviser on COVID-19 and an emergency medicine doctor at Hennepin Healthcare, where emergency visits were 43% lower than normal in April.

HCMC physician: After months of low volumes, trauma center was “back to business” during protests
Southwest Journal, 6/11/20
Matthew Prekker, critical care physician, Hennepin County Medical Center: What we see in the hospital has lagged a bit behind what’s going on in people’s homes in the community. We’ve been watching case numbers closely and have seen an unexpected plateau, or even the start of a decrease, in Minnesota, though we’re not feeling that drop yet in the hospital. We’re very busy and still have a lot of people who need critical care.

Minnesota Department of Health holds free testing for people who attended protests
KARE 11, 6/9/20
“Over the last two days we’ve seen 200 plus patients,” said Dr. Anne Hust with Hennepin Healthcare.

As Minneapolis clinics repair and rebuild after protests, doctors say unrest shows “people’s voices were unheard” 
Fierce Healthcare, 6/9/20
When he saw the clinic’s destruction, administrator Tom Lyon said he felt “extremely saddened” for the community.

How to talk to your kids about racism and other difficult topics
KARE 11, 6/4/20
“Kids are feeling the stress, feeling the concern from parents and from community members. We see behavioral changes, we see nightmares and lost sleep,” Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian says.

Through his work as a pediatrician at Hennepin Healthcare, Subrahmanian sees kids and their parents on a daily basis.

Minneapolis hospitals brace for COVID-19 surge following protests
MedPage Today, 6/2/20
“We are already on the verge in terms of staffing and space,” said Caitlin Eccles-Radtke, MD, an infectious disease physician at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. “We are getting closer and closer to being overly full.”

Pandemic leads to 20% increase in overall deaths in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 5/30/20

“The organ that is attacked is your lungs,” said Dr. Roberta Meyers, a geriatrician with Hennepin Healthcare. “It is like flu but like a flu that is way worse.”

George Floyd showed no signs of life from time EMS arrived, fire department report says
Star Tribune,
By the time George Floyd was en route to the hospital Monday evening, he was unresponsive and without a pulse. But for nearly an hour, first responders and ER staff refused to give up on the 46-year-old St. Louis Park man in their care. “He still had an outside chance,” said Hennepin Healthcare EMS Chief Marty Scheerer. “Even if it’s a super long shot, you’ve got to try your best.”

Minnesota ICU beds in use for COVID-19 patients reach new high
Star Tribune, 5/26/2020
“This is an expected trend,” said Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO of Hennepin Healthcare, which oversees HCMC (formerly Hennepin County Medical Center). “We anticipated that social distancing would allow health systems time to get space, staff and supplies in place in order to be better prepared for higher volumes — but that the volumes would still increase, ideally at a slower and more manageable pace.”

HCMC physician: “We’re not in a crisis quite yet but we’re teetering right at that brink” 
Southwest Journal, 5/22/20
Matthew Prekker, critical care physician, HCMC interviewed.

Minnesota health officials call for caution after news of Twin Cities ICU beds filling up
Star Tribune,
At different times, Hennepin County Medical Center and North Memorial Health Hospital were diverting patients to other hospitals.

Planning a social gathering? Here are the dos, don’ts, and risks
Fox 9, 5/19/2020
According to Dr. David Hilden, the vice president of medical affairs at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, as long as multiple people aren’t hovering around the grill, a backyard barbecue should be safe. “If one person is cooking on the grill and the others are sitting on chairs relatively far apart, that’s a relatively low risk thing to do,” Hilden said.

Virus risk factors show who is likely to land in the hospital
Star Tribune, 5/18/20
Labored breathing and low blood-oxygen levels are what typically prompt doctors to admit COVID-19 patients, but those patients rarely have no other health concerns, said Dr. Aaron Rutzick, a Hennepin Healthcare specialist who treats COVID-19 patients and assesses their needs for hospital care.

911 operator tells motorist who wanted to die: “I’m not going to let you go”
Star Tribune, 5/12/20
Dr. Stamatis Zeris, a psychiatrist with Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, said the driver did the right thing in seeking help, and that those who have reached a mental breaking point should do the same.

Coronavirus in Minnesota: a look at which clinics are testing and how much
WCCO 4, 5/11/20
“‘I’m not feeling well, I want to make sure I can get screened here, are my symptoms can I get access to testing?’ And as every day goes by the answer to those questions slowly become yes,” Dr. Glen Hansen, medical director for microbiology & molecular diagnostic testing at Hennepin Healthcare, said.

Minnesota’s child vaccinations drop amid COVID-19 fears
Star Tribune, 5/10/20
“There certainly is concern and worry. At the same time we’ve also heard from families that really do want to make sure that their children are up to date on essential vaccines,” said Dr. Dawn Martin, a pediatrician with Hennepin Healthcare.

How Hennepin Healthcare’s Foodservice is handling COVID-19
Foodservice News, May 2020
Hennepin Healthcare regularly trains for major incidents. “We’ve trained for some nasty things, but I don’t recall training for a pandemic,” William Marks, director of food, nutrition and environmental services at Hennepin Healthcare, says.

Chaplains step up to keep Minnesota families connected, support hospital staff during pandemic
FOX 9, 5/10/20
Especially on a day like Mother’s Day, it can be so challenging for family members who have a loved one in the hospital who they can’t visit because of COVID-19 restrictions. But, some families are lucky to rely on hospital staff members at Hennepin County Medical Center who are a guiding light through these tough times. Chaplains Medhat Yoakiem and Karna Anderson interviewed.

Minnesota’s child vaccinations drop amid COVID-19 fears
Star Tribune, 5/10/20
“There certainly is concern and worry. At the same time we’ve also heard from families that really do want to make sure that their children are up to date on essential vaccines,” said Dr. Dawn Martin, a pediatrician with Hennepin Healthcare.

Minnesota hospitals readying for “the beast” of COVID-19
Star Tribune, 5/10/20
“We’ve positioned ourselves about as best as we can,” said Dr. John Hick, a Hennepin Healthcare emergency physician who has taken on a state hospital coordinating role. “Now just don’t step on the gas too hard [on reducing social distancing)] because we can’t fall behind on this virus.”

Dr. Jon Cole got COVID-19 in early March after canceling a family vacation to avoid getting infected or spreading the virus. His wife got sick, too, though they had different symptoms. He couldn’t taste an apple — with the loss of taste proving to be a hallmark symptom in many cases.

Dr. Marc Martel and colleagues at HCMC created one solution — a translucent box with arm holes that can be placed over patients to limit the spread of germs if they cough while doctors perform aerosolizing procedures. Martel built the box himself and used PVC pipe to create a second device — a plastic hood to place over infected patients.

For Minnesota’s deaf and hard of hearing, wearing masks is another barrier to communication
Star Tribune, 5/8/20
The hectic environment of hospitals, the noise of medical equipment and the tired condition of patients only make it harder to hear and process information, said Dr. Janet Hansen, an audiologist at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC).

Pediatrician shares advice on helping kids deal with emotional toll of pandemic
KARE 11, 5/8/20
Pediatrician Krishnan Subrahmanian says rituals and resilience can help with kids and their mental health.

Hennepin Healthcare expands community testing for COVID-19
Insight News, 5/7/20
“This information will help us identify where the virus is, how prevalent it is and where it’s going,” said Dr. Glen Hansen, Director of Hennepin Healthcare’s Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostic Lab.

A check-in on Minnesota and its response to the coronavirus pandemic
MPR, 5/6/20
Kerri Miller spoke with Kris Ehresmann, the Minnesota Department of Health’s director of infectious diseases and epidemiology and Dr. David Hilden from Hennepin Healthcare about how the state has dealt with the pandemic so far and what may be down the road in addressing the

Facing unprecedented COVID-19 restrictions, Minnesota chaplains still comforting others
MPR, 5/6/20
Hospital chaplains like Sarah Lindberg are helping patients and staff cope because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She works at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis. Chaplain Nicole Smith of Hennepin Healthcare said she spends much more of her time comforting hospital staff members during the pandemic.

Minnesota ICU nurse shares sobering look at “extreme” impact of COVID-19
FOX 9, 5/6/20
“You really can’t verbally describe how extreme it is,” said Amy Scott, an ICU nurse at Hennepin Healthcare.

Coronavirus in MN: COVID-19 may be triggering Kawasaki’s Disease in children
WCCO 4, 5/5/20
“We are picking up a number of kids with COVID, but again, they have quiet symptoms. They often come in with an adult that’s a lot sicker,” Dr. Stacene Maroushek said.

Minnesota to resume elective surgeries, care next week
Star Tribune, 5/5/20
Hennepin Healthcare on Tuesday announced that it would be repurposing its capacity of 1,000 diagnostic tests per day to help identify and limit outbreaks in long-term care facilities and group homes and shelters.

Dr. Glen Hansen said more aggressive identification of these outbreaks and then testing of at-risk residents — even before they show any symptoms — could reduce the spread to other vulnerable individuals living in these facilities.

Hennepin Healthcare transforms ER to address influx of COVID-19 patients
FOX 9, 5/4/20
“This virus–and this pandemic–has changed a lot of the way we think because it’s such a contagious disease,” said Dr. Thomas Wyatt, Medical Director of the ER at Hennepin Healthcare.

Minnesotans to get two more weeks of stay-at-home, but with new flexibility
Star Tribune, 5/1/20
Supplies have been bolstered with the help of Minnesota business leaders negotiating purchases from international locations, though one large supply of masks was halted this weekend when the Chinese government nationalized a plant, said Dr. John Hick, a Hennepin Healthcare doctor who is managing the statewide healthcare coordination center.

Minnesota hospitals develop respiratory boxes to protect healthcare workers in emergency rooms
FOX 9, 4/28/20
“These boxes allow for a physical barrier that have been shown to prevent nearly 99% of the exposure that doctors have when doing this procedure [intubation],” said emergency physician at Hennepin Healthcare Marc Martel.

After Trump comment, MN Poison Control caller wonders where to buy “safe” bleach to use “internally”
KARE 11, 4/26/20
“From a poison control standpoint, there is absolutely no safe way to use household cleaning products or bleaches internally,” said Dr. Jon Cole, the medical director for the Minnesota Poison Control System. 

Firefighters For Healing donate to frontline medical workers
KARE 11, 4/24/20
Theses are things Dr. Michael Belzer, Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, says we need now more than ever.

Emergency vehicles honor health care workers and fallen paramedic
MPR, 4/23/20
Police cars, motorcycles, firetrucks and ambulances flooded downtown Minneapolis Thursday afternoon to honor health care workers and Hennepin County EMS paramedic Karl Meek, who died Tuesday.

COVID-19 crisis creating “perfect storm” for increase in postpartum depression
Fox 9, 4/22/20
Director of the Hennepin Healthcare Mother-Baby Program Dr. Helen Kim says she is hearing from patients who are struggling with the isolation.

Dunwoody College instructor uses tech expertise to craft “ear savers” for health care workers
KSTP 5, 4/18/20
The COVID-19 pandemic is not only having an emotional toll on our health care workers, but it can also take a physical toll — specifically from personal protective equipment. One example is strain on ears from wearing masks. Not only can they cause physical pain, but Mary Willner, a senior staff nurse with Hennepin County Medical Center, tells KSTP they can also cause headaches.

State officials expect virus to take greater toll on racial minorities
MPR, 4/15/20
“We have essentially decades of data that tell us homelessness is worse for your health than a majority of our usual chronic conditions combined,” said Dr. Danielle Robertshaw, who has worked with homeless populations for 20 years.

Is it seasonal allergies or COVID-19?
Fox 9, 4/13/20
Most pollen starting to emerge into the air will attack a different part of the body than the virus, and Dr. John Sweet with Hennepin Healthcare says that should be a big clue.

Hennepin Healthcare launches clinical trials on remdesivir for treating COVID-19
WCCO 4, 4/12/20
Hennepin Healthcare has launched two clinical trials for a drug to see if it will help COVID-19 patients. The trials are being doing through the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute.

Daily dose of sweetness: Love in the time of COVID-19
MPR, 4/11/20
Alex Lee surprises his bride Kelsey Christiansen with a drive-by wedding reception outside Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis on Friday after their small wedding, with help from his friends and co-workers in the physical therapy department.

Hennepin Healthcare, Mayo Clinic join trial on potential coronavirus therapy remdesivir
Pioneer Press, 4/10/20
“We are proud to be a site that’s conducting research on this … treatment,” Jason Baker, Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute’s primary investigator, said in a statement.

Hennepin Healthcare starts trials on antiviral drug showing promise with severe COVID-19 cases
Fox 9, 4/10/20
A drug that is showing some early success in treating severe cases of COVID-19 is now being studied in trials by Hennepin Healthcare. The Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute has launched two trials to study the safety of remdesivir.

Watch a drive-by reception at HCMC
Star Tribune, 4/10/20
Alex and Kelsey Lee’s wedding plans were upended by COVID-19, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t have a wedding reception. After a small ceremony, Alex surprised Kelsey by driving by HCMC, where his co-workers planned a surprise drive-by wedding reception.

“These circumstances are rough, but there can be joy in them as well,” said Casey Byron, Alex’ co-worker who organized the event.

The wedding must go on: Drive-by reception at Hennepin Healthcare
KARE 11, 4/10/20
Alex Lee and Kelsey Christiansen had a private ceremony with a special “drive-by” reception at HCMC, where Alex works.

Checking in with Minnesota’s Healthcare Workers
MPR, 4/9/20
Dr. Doug Brunette is the senior medical director for emergency and trauma services, and emergency department physician at Hennepin Healthcare in downtown Minneapolis.

Hennepin Healthcare re-imagines virtual prenatal visits
Mpls/StPaul Magazine, 4/2/20
A fundraising appeal helmed by its OB-GYN chairwoman, Dr. Tara Gustilo, clinches thousands of dollars’ worth of medical supplies for pregnant patients.

MDH: Wearing homemade masks “not a bad idea”
KARE 11, 4/1/20
“I’m a little nervous because then people are going to be taking more of the masks away from the healthcare providers,” said Natalie Ikeman, a family physician with Hennepin Healthcare. “We want to protect our healthcare workers by keeping the resources at the hospitals and the clinics were we need them most.”

KARE 11, 3/31/20
Some people have interpreted the rule to mean that you can still get together in large groups as long as everyone is six feet away from each other. Doctors say that’s not a good idea.

“Six feet is kind of a general recommendation,” Dr. James Miner says. Miner is the chair of emergency medicine at the Hennepin County Medical Center. He says the six-foot rule is only an educated guess.

CDC considering recommending general public wear face coverings in public
KSTP 5, 3/31/20
Natalie Ikeman, a physician’s assistant at Hennepin Health Care, said masks and gloves are another layer of protection.

Minnesota must compete in chaotic global market for crucial ventilators for coronavirus
Star Tribune, 3/31/20
“We could get by without needing any extra ventilators, or we might need 10 times the number we have,” said Dr. John Hick, a Minneapolis doctor who is helping lead the state’s medical response.

Regional  medical emergency planner: April could be a turning point in coronavirus point
Pioneer Press, 3/25/20
This week may be a relatively quiet in terms of hospitals fielding new cases of coronavirus, but “our anticipation is they’ll get tougher next week, and then really ramp up after that,” said Dr. John Hick, a physician at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Minnesota limits on crowds could last beyond Easter
Star Tribune, 3/25/20
“Early April is kind of going to be our tipping point,” said Dr. John Hick, medical director of Hennepin Healthcare and the Metro Health & Medical Preparedness Coalition that is mapping out a metro-wide response to the pandemic.

COVID-19: When is the tipping point?
FOX 9, 3/24/20
“Right now, it’s doubling in the community every five to seven days,” said Dr. John Hick, Medical Director for Emergency Preparedness for HCMC.

Is it a cold? The flu? Or coronavirus? Here’s how to tell the difference
KARE 11, 3/24/20
Being a respiratory virus, Hennepin Healthcare emergency director Dr. John Hick says the most noticeable symptoms are a fever and a dry cough.

Healthcare workers are dealing with enormous amounts of fear and stress; here’s how you can help
KARE 11, 3/18/20
Psychologist Dr. Talee Vang:  “People who are helpers may not take the time to help themselves. Healthcare workers can help themselves by being open to help.”

Coronavirus and the U.S. health care system challenges
MPR, 3/17/20
MPR News host Kerri Miller talked with a health policy researcher and a health care executive about the state of hospital preparedness and what health care providers need to care for patients. Guest Dr. David Hilden is vice president of medical affairs at Hennepin Healthcare.

Minnesota hospitals preparing for coronavirus
Star Tribune, 3/15/20
At HCMC in Minneapolis, leaders have backup plans if ventilators are all in use, such as pulling ventilator equipment off ambulances or repurposing devices that deliver anesthesia, but there are limits.

“We don’t want to get there,” said Dr. John Hick, an HCMC physician and emergency preparedness expert. “It’s really important that we do our best to try and control the spread of this disease.”

How HCMC is preparing for COVID-19 outbreak
Fox 9, 3/12/20
Health officials at Hennepin County Medical Center say the outbreak of the new coronavirus is going to put a huge burden on health care providers in the state.

HCMC doctors say COVID-19 outbreak going to put huge burden on health care providers
Fox 9, 3/12/2020
Dr. John Hick, the medical director for emergency preparedness for the Hennepin County Medical Center, said that, while we have seen pandemics before, this time is different and, despite the advantages of modern medicine, the outbreak will put a huge burden on health care providers.

“Come together by separating”: HCMC physicians prep for critical coronavirus cases
WCCO 4, 3/12/20

Hennepin Healthcare preparing to see more coronavirus cases
KARE 11, 3/12/20
“Make no mistake, we don’t want you to panic, because the vast majority of these cases are mild, but worry enough to take precautions and take care of yourselves and take care of your family members,” said Dr. John Hick.

Coronavirus: An Almanac Special
TPT, 2/28/20
Hennepin Healthcare’s Dr. Caitlin Eccles-Radtke answers questions about COVID-19.

Interview: Lynne and Andrew Redleaf Center for Family Healing
WCCO 4, 2/24/20
One in seven new parents experience depression and other anxiety conditions. The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation is hoping to combat this with the addition of the Lynne and Andrew Redleaf Center for Family Healing. Dr. Talee Vang is interviewed.

Minnesota doctors are now being graded on women’s bone health
Star Tribune, 2/14/20
Digestive problems are common with bisphosphonate pills but can be addressed if patients take the pills with water and on empty stomachs. Long-term use also could result over time in bones becoming too brittle, though doctors have countered that side effect by only prescribing them in short bursts rather than in continuous doses, said Dr. Andrew Schmidt, chief of orthopedics at Hennepin Healthcare.

Worried about coronavirus? You should probably be more concerned about the flu
KARE 11, 1/29/20
“I just don’t think people appreciate the number of influenza deaths, and the number of influenza cases that we have in the hospital, because they’ve perhaps been hearing it so often. But we should be taking it as seriously, because that’s what’s here now in our community.”  – Stacene Maroushek, MD.

MN Department of Health reports first child death of this flu season
KARE 11, 1/23/20
Nan Lomen, RN with Hennepin Healthcare says it’s not too late to get a flu vaccine.

Smokers should quick at least 4 weeks before surgery, W.H.O. says
New York Times, 1/22/20
Many doctors say quitting is not always an easy sell. Dr. Amy Anne Lassig, a head and neck cancer surgeon at Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota, said about half of her patients continue smoking even after their cancer diagnosis. “Some are able to quit cold turkey but for other patients, it’s such a stressful moment in their life that many feel hopeless, go in the other direction and keep smoking,” she said.

Are Minnesotans really more “Cold Hardy” than everyone else? Or are we making that up?
KARE 11, 1/22/20
“There’s nothing in our body that makes us cold hardy,” Hennepin Healthcare emergency physician Dr. Ashley Strobel says.

Good Question: How long are we contagious?
WCCO 4, 1/16/20
“It depends a little on the virus,” says Dr. Stacene Maroushek, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Hennepin Healthcare.

Emergency room visits increase as Minnesotans are slipping on ice
WCCO 4, 1/13/20
“I just wasn’t expecting it that first step, it just like completely took me by surprise,” emergency room nurse Jen Herrmeyer said. She managed to get up, go back inside and get her yack tracks, to make it down the steps, sidewalk and into her car, for the slick ride to Hennepin Health Care for her shift in the ER.

“It can be dangerous falling on the ice,” emergency room doctor Stephen Smith said.

Doctor Smith says the Emergency room at Hennepin HealthCare has seen a steady flow of people with slip and fall injuries for the past few weeks.

Good Question: Why do colds feel worse at night?
WCCO 4, 1/7/20
“Gravity is really working for us during the day,” Natalie Ikeman, a physician assistant with Hennepin Healthcare, said.

Director of Hennepin Healthcare’s Mother-Baby Program focuses on the “Fourth Trimester”
Star Tribune, 1/3/20
Dr. Helen Kim doesn’t just want us to know that one in seven new mothers and one in 10 new fathers experience potentially debilitating postpartum depression. She wants us to know what help and hope look like, because she sees it every day.

Why winter storms are a busy time for emergency rooms
MPR, 1/3/20
Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019, was one of the busiest days Dr. Bill Heegaard has ever seen in his years working at Hennepin Healthcare’s emergency department in Minneapolis. The ice storm that day caused lots of slips and falls, which resulted in injuries, some of them severe.

MDH reports 8th flu death in Minnesota, over 500 hospitalizations this season
KSTP 5, 1/2/20
“Last week was actually a big week for flu in Minnesota,” said Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian, a pediatrician with Hennepin County Medical Center.

Doctors concerned after 505 Minnesotans diagnosed with flu so far this season
WCCO 4, 1/2/20
Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian of Hennepin Healthcare hospital says that’s exactly what he’s seeing sick kids and adults.