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Event promotes helmets for winter athletes
MPR, 12/28/12; John Price interviewed

Health beat: hospitals begin “save this brain” campaign
Star Tribune, 12/28/12; Mary Bensman quoted

Lithium batteries in gifts pose health threat
MPR, 12/26/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Medical Education at HCMC
MD News, December 2012; Dr. Michael Belzer, Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Coon Rapids man joins emergency department at HCMC
ABC Newspapers, 12/18/12

Santa visits boy fighting brain cancer at HCMC
WCCO 4 News, 12/17/12

HCMC’s Brooklyn Park Clinic’s 2-year anniversary
NW Cable 12 News, 12/12/12; Dr. Lowell Stoltzfus, Brenda Kennelly interviewed

Twin Cities paramedics find job tougher after winter blast
KARE 11, 12/11/12; Doug Gesme interviewed

Storm’s aftermath causes headaches for drivers, injuries for walkers
WCCO 4, 12/10/12; Dr. David Plummer interviewed

Heavy snow brings health risks, warnings
KARE 11, 12/10/12; Robert Ball interviewed

MDH analyzes medical record security
KSTP 5, 12/7/12; Kari Myrold interviewed

Marijuana use not a cut-and-dried issue
East Central Minnesota Post-Review, 12/5/12; Dr. Charlie Reznikoff quoted

Stillwater native joins HCMC pediatrics department
Stillwater Gazette, 11/28/12; Dr. Gretchen Voge

Not common, lupus can be deadly
KARE 11, 11/26/12; Dr. Barbara Segal interviewed

Fighting office germs
Star Tribune, 11/19/12; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

Gas fireplaces are inviting but present danger
KSTP-5, 11/18/12; Dr. George Peltier interviewed

Web extra: CPR demonstration
KSTP-5, 11/16/12; Rob Snyder interviewed

Fasting may not be needed for cholesterol test
KARE 11, 11/13/12; Dr. Bradley Bart interviewed

Jack Jablonski wins Courage in Sports award
CBS/WCCO 4, 11/11/12; HCMC mentioned

Duluth Ice Arena evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide
KSTP-5, 11/8/12; Debbie Anderson, Poison Center, interviewed

Ultrafiltration fails in acute HF patients
MedPage Today, 11/6/12; Dr. Bradley Bart quoted

Ultrafiltration fails to show benefit in acute heart failure
Forbes, 11/6/12; Dr. Bradley Bart quoted

On the path to ACOs
Minnesota Medicine, 11/1/12; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Minnesotans answer Boston’s call for help
Star Tribune, 10/28/12; Chris Kummer quoted

HCMC clinics sprouting all over
Business Journal, 10/26/12; Tim Harlin quoted

FDA investigates Monster Energy Drinks linked to 5 deaths 
Fox 9 News, 10/23/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

A third of working risk pay or job loss when child gets sick, survey says
MinnPost, 10/23/12; Raegan Sipe, RN quoted

Halloween contacts can cause health horrors
WCCO 4 News, 10/19/12; Dr. Aaron Nathenson interviewed

A brighter home for the treatment of the mentally ill
MPR/10/18/12; John Gray interviewed

Safety-Net hospitals brace for cut to federal subsidies
Kaiser Health News, 10/14/12; Mike Harristhal interviewed

Breastfeeding after cancer
The Grio/NBC News, 10/11/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo quoted

Safety Net hospitals brace for potential cuts
MPR, 10/9/12;  Michael Harristhal, Rachel Kass interviewed

Out of the pollen, into the dust mites
Star Tribune, 10/9/12; Dr. Jon Sweet interviewed

Doctor stopped Twin Cities 10 mile bid to save collapsed runner
Fox 9 News, 10/8/12; Dr. Carl Dean interviewed

Teen hit by car in graphic video has message for bicyclists
WCCO 4 News, 9/27/12; Dr. Andrew Kiragu, Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Patient experience rallies inspire behavior change
NAPH, 9/24/12; Sheila Moroney quoted

Former patient says methodone was just another addiction
Duluth News-Tribune, 9/23/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

U professor studies young athletes’ eating habits
MN Daily, 9/20/12; Megan Thomas quotes

Speedway trip had lightning finish
Star Tribune, 9/18/12; Dr. Ryan Fey quoted

Study links ibuprofen, acetaminophen to hearing loss
KARE 11 News, 9/13/12; Dr. Robert Maisel interviewed

Acupuncture advocate: results are better than placebos
Fox 9 News, 9/11/12; Pat Culliton interviewed

Blue Cross ad aims to fight obesity by targeting parents
WCCO 4 News, 9/10/12; Rachel Newby interviewed

HCMC is first metro hospital to go paperless
Business Journal, 9/10/12; Joanne Sunquist quoted

HIMSS Analytics recognizes HCMC with Stage 7 Award
HIMSS Analytics, 9/10/12; Joanne Sunquist quoted

3-year-old Prior Lake girl survives radiation injury 
KARE 11 News, 9/6/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson interviewed

Doctors recommend flu vaccines as school starts
Fox 9 News, 9/4/12; Dr. Stacene Maroushek interviewed

Sleep is critical for kids before school
WCCO 4 News, 8/27/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Healthier food for your children can make them healthier and smarter
The Washington Times, 8/25/12; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

New Richmond nurse hired at HCMC
New Richmond News, 8/25/12; Dana Langness

9-year-old honored for saving sister’s life
WCCO 4, 8/20/12; Tom Polzin interviewed

Minneapolis kid honored as 911 hero
KARE 11, 8/20/12; Tom Polzin interviewed

St. Paul teen’s death might be first in the area linked to codeine mix
Star Tribune, 8/8/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

35W bridge collapse survivor signs book at HCMC today
KSTP 5, 8/1/12

5 years since 35W bridge collapse
Fox 9, 8/1/12

Bridge collapse victims reflect on tragedy and loss
WCCO 4, 8/1/12

Good Question: How do we remember big events so vividly?
WCCO 4, 8/1/12; Dr. Eduardo Colon interviewed

Science could explain 7 babies born to 7 mothers in 7 months
KSTP-5, 7/30/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Unrelenting heat can wither your meds, too
Star Tribune, 7/22/12; Ann Brigino interviewed

No reason to delay getting hearing aids
Star Tribune, 7/17/12; Janet Hansen interviewed

Hunger games: Congress targets food assistance for the most vulnerable
The Pumphandle, 7/13/12; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Drowning prevention strategies for parents
KSTP-5, 7/15/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Major heroin ring dismantled after 15-month investigation
WCCO 4 News, 7/12/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Should Minnesota make opiate OD antidote Narcan more available?
MPR, 7/10/12; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Study: Kids raised with pets are healthier
Fox 9 News, 7/9/12; Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio interviewed

Mpls. barista recovering, police search for hit-and-run driver
KARE 11, 7/7/12

Noise may add to heart attack risk
Star Tribune, 7/4/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann quoted

Heat exhaustion cases on the rise
KARE 11, 7/3/12; Oriana Beaudet, RN interviewed

Dangerous heat expected through July 4
MPR, 7/3/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN interviewed

Warm days can create dangerously hot surfaces
KAAL TV (Rochester), 7/3/12; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Heat and humidity making it tough to stay hydrated
KARE 11, 7/2/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN interviewed

Overnight rain gives Twin Cities brief respite from heat
Star Tribune, 7/3/12; Mary Woodley-Douglas, RN quoted

Heat safety
Fox 9, 7/2/12; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Minnesota health policy makers face many “fine-print” decisions, tight deadline
Minnesota Public Radio, 6/29/12; Mike Harristhal interviewed

Assessment helps save Mound resident
Waconia Patriot, 6/22/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez quoted

FDA approves weight-loss drug
Fox 9 News, 6/27/12;  Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Sleep violence: a real danger, little understood
Scientific American, 6/14/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann quoted

Medicaid numbers spike in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 6/13/12; photo taken in Coordinated Care Clinic

Nocturnal wanderings
UMNews, 6/12/12; Dr. Mark Mahowald interviewed

Doctor discusses bath salt incidents, effects
Fox 9 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

What can infection lead to? Doctors issue warning
WCCO 4 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Mark Sprenkle interviewed

Twin Cities hospitals quickly respond to heart attack patients
KSTP-5 News, 6/5/12; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Bikers be aware: Ride defensively
Star Tribune, 6/1/12; Julie Philbrook, RN quoted

Heart attack victim, doctor stress importance of CPR
WCCO 4 News, 5/31/12; Dr. Joanna Moore interviewed

Deer tick season arrives early
WCCO Radio, 5/30/12; Dr. David Hilden interviewed

New hyperbaric chamber among the most advanced in U.S.
Cable 12 News, 5/24/12; Dr. Cher Adkinson interviewed

Warning: New laundry detergent looks like candy to kids
KSTP-5 News, 5/24/12; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

HCMC replaces 1960s-era hyperbaric chamber
Star Tribune, 5/23/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson, Dr. Bjorn Westgaard quoted

A tablet PC made for emergencies
Star Tribune, 5/19/12; Robert Ball quoted

The new study buddy
Northland News Center, 5/18/12; Dr. Paul Marshall interviewed

Sleepwalking more common than once thought
KARE 11 News, 5/15/12; Dr. Mark Mahowald interviewed

Is the Twin Cities Metro Area prepared for a storm?
MPR, 5/15/12; Mark Lappe interviewed

ERs see increase in cases of kids swallowing button batteries
KSTP-5, 5/14/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Window falls
KSTP-5, 5/13/12; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Work-life balance for hospitalists a people issue, not a women’s issue
The Hospitalist, 5/9/12; Dr. Mark Linzer quoted

Expert to parents: secure window screens
Minnesota Public Radio, 5/2/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Hennepin County Medical Center’s new Center for Hyperbaric Medicine
MD News, 5/1/12; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson quoted

Minneapolis students fed up with being underfed at lunch
WCCO 4 News, 4/30/12; Megan Thomas interviewed

Doc discusses teen diabetes, prevention
Fox 9 News, 4/30/12; Dr. Julia Joseph-DiCaprio interviewed

New sunscreen label rules debut in June
Fox 9 News, 4/23/12; Dr. Bruce Bart interviewed

Preventing kids’ sports injuries
KSTP 5 News, 4/22/12; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

State funds for medical training in limbo
Minnesota Public Radio, 4/16/12; Dr. Michael Belzer interviewed

EDs grapple with surging demands from patients with dental problems
Dentistry IQ, 5/1/12; Dr. Mary Seieroe quoted

Chew on this: Wrigley rolls out caffeinated gum
Star Tribune, 4/15/13; Dr. Julia Joseph-DiCaprio interviewed

Tough choices on your health start today

Star Tribune, 4/16/12; Commentary by Dr. Donald Jacobs, others

Lights and sirens don’t phase you? Maybe “The Howler” will get your attention

KSTP-5 News, 4/16/12; Paramedic Chad Dotzler interviewed

K-E diet fad creates controversy
Fox 9 News, 4/16/12; Dietician Megan Thomas interviewed

Saving seconds during a seizure
Cable 12 TV, 4/10/12; Dr. Michelle Biros and paramedics Dustin Speed and Don Wolfe interviewed

Doctors working to raise boy’s body temperature
Minnesota Public Radio, 4/10/12; Dr. Jim Miner interviewed

A stroke at any age
Cable 12 TV, 4/3/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez interviewed

Transformations in care
Minnesota Physician, 4/1/12; Dr. Mark Linzer

Seasonal allergies
Cable 12 TV, 3/27/12; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

Gastric bypass surgery helps MN couple ditch diabetes
Fox 9 News, 3/26/12; Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Fast action, sales rep’s timing save local stroke patient
KSTP-5 News, 3/26/12; Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez interviewed

HCMC program strengthens brain after concussion
KARE 11 News, 3/20/12; Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Hennepin Regional Poison Center celebrates 40th anniversary
KSTP-5, 3/20/12

Is sleep really necessary in 8-hour blocks?
MPR, 3/14/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Slippery start lands at least 30 in hospital
WCCO 4 News, 3/8/12

Quick snow shower triggers crashes and spinouts
KARE 11 News, 3/8/12; Christine Hill quoted

Surviving ear infection season
Cable 12 TV, 2/28/12; Dr. Janielle Nordell interviewed

The Way We Play the Game
Sports Illustrated, 2/27/12

Web surrounds Boogaard overdose investigation
Fox 9 News, 2/22/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Inhalable caffeine being investigated by FDA
KARE 11 News, 2/21/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Is the “cinnamon challenge” dangerous?
KARE 11 News, 2/21/12; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

When you need a banker–STAT!
Star Tribune, 2/14/12

C-sections not always best for preemies
Huffington Post, 2/9/12; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

The Concussion Discussion: Minnesota leads way in prevention and treatment
KARE 11 News, 2/6/12; Dr. Andrew Kiragu and Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Art no longer for art’s sake
National Association of Public Hospitals, 1/29/12; Wenda Lyons-Ballinger

From nightmare on ice to uncertain recovery
MSNBC, 1/27/12; Hennepin EMS photographed

Hospital teaches low-income families to fight obesity
Minnesota Public Radio, 1/27/12

Researchers untangling link between hunger and obesity
Minnesota Public Radio, 1/27/12; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Ridgewater College to benefit from United Way grant
West Central Tribune, 1/24/12; EMS training program mentioned

Sleep-malady drugs now in short supply in Twin Cities
Star Tribune, 1/23/12; Connie Ullevig, RN quoted

Paralyzed hockey player Jablonski leaves hospital for rehab center today
MPR, 1/23/12

Jack Jablonski leaves hospital for rehab center
KARE 11 News, 1/23/12

Jabs: “This is like a calling almost” 
Star Tribune, 1/20/12

Good Question: How much of diabetes is genetic?
WCCO 4 News, 1/19/12; Dr. Nolawit Tesfaye interviewed

Jablonski family pleased with new hockey penalties
KARE 11 News, 1/16/12

Amerk’s Joe Finley pulling for injured friend Jack Jablonski
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)

Jablonskis urge quick changes to make hockey safer
Star Tribune, 1/12/12

“Jack’s Pledge” aims to lower hockey risks
Fargo InForum, 1/12/12

Getting better sleep in the New Year
KARE 11 News, 1/11/12; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed live from Sleep Center

Construction of a countywide EHR part of a larger national IT program
FierceHealthIT, 1/10/12;

A second set of eyes cuts errors at HCMC
Star Tribune, 1/6/12; Bruce Thompson quoted

Outpouring of support for injured hockey player
MPR, 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Injured Benilde hockey player unlikely to walk again
Pioneer Press, 1/5/12;  Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Jack Jablonski won’t walk again, parents say
Fox 9 News, 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich interviewed

Doctor: Hockey player won’t walk again
ESPN; 1/5/12; Dr. Walt Galicich quoted

Do different birth years mean different insurance statements for twins?
Kaiser Health News, 1/3/12

3 sets of twins born in different years
Fox News, 1/3/12

Coaches assail dangerous youth hockey hits
Star Tribune, 1/3/12; Dr. Tina Slusher quoted

Benilde hockey player has severed spinal cord
Fox 9 News, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

BSM hockey player to have surgery this week
St. Louis Park Patch, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

Support pouring in for BSM athlete
St. Louis Park Patch, 1/2/12

Support strong for Benilde hockey player
KARE 11 News, 1/2/12; Dr. Tina Slusher interviewed

HCMC ushers in twins; one this year, one last
Star Tribune, 1/1/12