Severe weather preparedness tips from HCMC

Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 16-20, 2012.  Emergency preparedness experts at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) encourage you to take time to talk to your family, neighbors and co-workers about how you can prepare for severe weather events.

“Be sure you have identified a safe location within your home for family members to meet when storms are approaching,” explains Mark Lappe, Program Manager for Hennepin County Medical Center’s Emergency Management. “A  basement area with no windows is preferred. If you live in a mobile home or apartment discuss the safe meeting location with the management or landlord. In the event of damage to your home you should have a kit prepared that includes essential items.”

Lappe suggests that the following items be included in weather emergency kits :

  • A weather radio and flash lights with extra batteries
  • Bottled water and non perishable food items
  • Water sanitation supplies
  • Copies of all important documents and store them in a  secure location away from home
  • Extra cash
  • A list of all important numbers such as insurance policy numbers, drivers’ license, passport numbers, etc.
  • A “Go Bag” for each member of the family which includes clothes, medicines, toiletries and pastime items (books, cards, etc.)
  • Tennis shoes, helmet, car seat Continue reading “Severe weather preparedness tips from HCMC”

Hennepin EMS provides support for tornado response

Unified EMS-Fire Command Post area at Penn and West Broadway
Unified EMS-Fire Command Post area at Penn and West Broadway

Hennepin EMS had 6 units and several command staff that responded to the need for support after a tornado struck North Minneapolis on Sunday, May 22.  This included 6 ambulances at the scene with 2 command personnel. In addition, one rig also responded to the Hennepin EMS Emergency Communication Center and 3 others in support of daily operations at EMS Headquarters in the HCMC Ramp Building.

HCMC ambulances brought 3 patients to HCMC’s emergency department, where they were treated and released.

The EMS Director responded to the City of Minneapolis EOC which was opened very soon after the storm.

HCMC’s EMS Communication Center played an integral role as the West Medical Control Resources Center (WMRCC) conducting the EMS System Advisory and tracking patients in MnTRAC for the region.

This area is covered by North Memorial EMS, and Hennepin EMS (and Allina EMS) was requested as mutual aid.