Hearts in the right place at TC Marathon

When Dr. Carl Dean entered the Twin Cities Marathon, he wasn’t expecting to come in first place, but hoped to at least have a decent time. That changed when he caught up to a runner who had collapsed.

“I heard someone say, ‘I can’t feel a pulse.’ So I went over to the collapsed runner and with the help of another runner who had stopped, we started chest compressions,” explained Dr. Dean.  “It was clear that this guy was in trouble.”

After performing two rounds of CPR, someone arrived with an AED and EMS professionals took over. The patient was revived, so Dr. Dean resumed the race. When asked if he finished, he said, “Yes, but my time was awful.”

But others might agree that his timing was perfect. Well done, Dr. Dean!

See the story that aired on Fox 9 News 10/8/12

Olympic runners meet when Kenyan delegation tours HCMC

A delegation from Eldoret, Kenya, known as the “Town of Athletes” visited HCMC on Wednesday, May 9. The group toured the emergency and radiology departments, and got a behind-the-scenes look at HCMC’s new hyperbaric chamber.

Moses Tanui and Fred Owusu

The delegation included 2-time Boston Marathon winner and Olympic marathon competitor Moses Kiptarbei Tanui who chatted with former Olympic athlete Fred Owusu, who now serves as Vice President of Human Resources at HCMC.

“Moses is the real celebrity runner,” says Owusu. “It truly is a small world — I never imagined I’d have the honor of meeting him here at HCMC!”

Minneapolis and Eldoret have had a formal sister city relationship since 2000 and exchanges have taken place in both cities.  In 2010 a delegation from Eldoret visited Minneapolis to study water treatment and distribution plus other topics, including planning and public health.  In 2011 a team of volunteers and members of the Minneapolis Fire Department visited Eldoret to conduct a fire and emergency response training.

In addition to an internationally recognized runner from the “Town of Athletes,” several physicians and other health officials were part of the 12-member delegation to Minneapolis this year.

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