Morning sickness? Ginger spice might help!

Dr. Virginia Lupo
Dr. Virginia Lupo

Thanks to a frenzy of hormones, many women have some sensation of nausea early in pregnancy (which may even be worse when expecting twins). Some women find that eating manages to “quiet” their stomach and they actually gain a lot of weight early on in their pregnancy, but others may feel averse to eating anything during the first few months.

“The simplest thing to try is ginger,” explains HCMC’s Chief of OB/GYN Dr. Virginia Lupo. “Foods with ginger — ginger snaps, any kind of ginger candies, or even ginger ale may be helpful in keeping nausea at bay.” Continue reading “Morning sickness? Ginger spice might help!”

Expecting? Prenatal tests explained on Healthy Matters

In this week’s Healthy Matters podcast,  HCMC’s Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecolgy Dr. Virginia Lupo talks about pregnancy care and prenatal testing.

Dr. Virginia Lupo

“Even though pregnancy is a healthy, normal  time of life there are people who have different medical and surgical complications that happen during that time,” explains Dr. Lupo. “My subspecialty area is knowing about those problems and how to get women and their babies safely through them.”

Dr. Lupo emphasizes that establishing prenatal care is one of the most important things new moms can do to get on the right path to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  This may include special tests to help them diagnose conditions, like diabetes, that may affect pregnancy.  At HCMC’s clinics, first trimester screening (maternal blood tests and ultrasound) is one of the diagnostic screenings offered to all pregnant patients.

The OB Testing Unit at HCMC provides genetic counseling, ultrasounds, and other tests in pregnancies complicated by medical or other conditions. Care is provided by perinatologists, genetic counselors, and nurses.   For more information about The Birth Center at HCMC, go to