Leg cramps could be PAD

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Don’t Suffer in Silence

Has this happened to you? A distinct pain or cramp strikes your legs when you walk. When you stop for a few minutes, the pain goes away. But when you start walking again, it comes back.

You might chalk it up to getting older and respond by cutting back on walking. But that would be the wrong reaction. Instead, you should see your doctor because your pain may be claudication, which is often a symptom of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It’s a potentially serious but treatable circulation problem.

When someone develops PAD, the extremities – usually a person’s legs – don’t get enough blood flow to keep up with demand from the muscles. The result can be pain that develops when the demand increases, such as when walking or exercising. The arteries that supply blood to the limbs are damaged, usually by a buildup of plaque that blocks or narrows them.

If you think you may have PAD, see your doctor for an evaluation or attend a free PAD screening on September 26 at the Whittier Clinic in Minneapolis (2810 Nicollet Ave.) from 9 am to 1 pm.   While the screening is free, appointments are required. To reserve a spot and complete a Risk Assessment for Peripheral Arterial Disease call 612-873-9575 today.  Continue reading “Leg cramps could be PAD”