HCMC’s Burn Center doubles in size to care for patients throughout Midwest

Open House 2-4 p.m. Thursday, November 10

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) announces the opening of its newly remodeled Burn Center, a premier 16,000 square foot facility designed to serve the needs of patients from the entire upper Midwest.

The expanded Burn Center is double the size of the previous facility and houses 17 private rooms with roll-in showers, tub rooms, family-friendly gathering areas, rooming-in options and other amenities that improve the patient experience. An ambulatory burn clinic is part of the new center, providing burn care expertise to patients who don’t require hospitalization.

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Burn surgeons warn about the use of accelerants on outdoor fires

Dr. Ryan Fey and Dr. George Peltier

“Accelerants poured on fires are a big problem, and cause a lot of the injuries we see,” explains Dr. George Peltier, reconstructive surgeon at HCMC’s Burn Center. “During damp conditions, or if people just want to get a large fire going, they will often use an accelerant. But gasoline can vaporize  and explode, and the injuries can be absolutely devastating.”  

Already this year, the Burn Center has seen a number of patients for burns related to using accelerants on fires.

On the most recent podcast of Healthy Matters Dr. David Hilden is joined by burn surgeons Dr. Peltier and Dr. Ryan Fey.  They discuss some of the treatment options for burn patients, including surgery and skin grafting. The doctors also offer safety tips on how to avoid some common burn injuries. 

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