Sim Center revolutionizes medical education


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Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), already a nationally recognized teaching hospital, is opening a brand new, state-of-the art medical simulation facility. The Interdisciplinary Simulation and Education Center (“Sim Center”), opening January 7, 2013, will support education programs that train more than 20,000 caregivers each year.

Located in the lower level of the state’s first Level I Trauma Center, the 10,000 square foot  Sim Center area provides a safe environment for health care professionals to practice real-life medical situations and procedures in rooms with the equipment found in operating rooms, emergency departments or other treatment areas – including the electronic health record. Continue reading “Sim Center revolutionizes medical education”

HCMC NETWORK FEATURE: Simulation — the next best thing to learning from a real patient

Here’s what Simulation training at HCMC looks like now and what’s coming.

Simulation is currently used at HCMC to train healthcare providers such as resident physicians and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.  Simulation enables clinicians to practice procedural skills and management of critically ill “patients” in conditions that simulate clinical contexts, allowing them to learn and “practice medicine without risk.”  Simulation training can also help to develop teamwork and communication, improve patient care and patient safety, enable exploration of medical errors, and develop systems expertise.

Plans are currently underway for a new 10,000 ft2 facility, the HCMC Interdisciplinary Simulation and Education Center.  The first phase of this project, which will include 5,000 ft2, has a projected completion date in mid 2012.  The new center will contain high fidelity simulation rooms with control rooms and debriefing areas, standardized patient rooms, a procedural skills room, and lecture facilities.  In addition to clinical simulation training for diverse health care providers such as physicians, nurses, EMS providers and others, instructor training will be provided on developing, running and incorporating simulation into educational curricula. Continue reading “HCMC NETWORK FEATURE: Simulation — the next best thing to learning from a real patient”