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Morning sickness? Ginger spice might help!

Thanks to a frenzy of hormones, many women have some sensation of nausea early in pregnancy (which may even be worse when expecting twins). Some women find that eating manages to “quiet” their stomach and they actually gain a lot … Continue reading

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A vein of truth: using ultrasound can help find the best IV access

Vampires make it look easy on TV, but in reality, it’s not always easy finding a good vein.  Health care providers rely on a visual examination to find the perfect vein for intravenous access; however, when working with children, obese … Continue reading

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Autoinjectors offer a way to treat prolonged seizures

HCMC EMS participates in NIH study that finds method safe, effective for pre-hospital use Delivering drugs into muscle using an autoinjector, akin to the EpiPen (used to treat serious allergic reactions), is faster and may be a more effective way to stop statusepilepticus (a … Continue reading

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