HCMC NETWORK FEATURE: Clinicians worldwide use Emergency Department educational website

More than 30,000 viewers in 151 countries have visited hqmeded.com, the HCMC Emergency Department educational website

In 2006, HCMC Emergency Department (ED) faculty physician Rob Reardon and 2005 residency graduate Scott Joing (now ED faculty) wanted an outlet to share educational videos within and beyond HCMC.  So they started the website hqmeded.com.

Dr. Reardon chose the name “hqmeded,” which stands for “high quality medical education.”  The goal was to provide high quality clinical educational materials, free of charge, on Emergency Medicine techniques and topics that HCMC ED physicians have researched, developed, and taught extensively.  From an early focus on ultrasound and airway management videos, the site has expanded to include more than 100 instructional videos and lectures with powerpoint presentations on diverse clinical topics, a link to Dr. Smith’s ECG blog, and online access to the ED’s weekly Critical Care Conference. Continue reading “HCMC NETWORK FEATURE: Clinicians worldwide use Emergency Department educational website”