Keeping your cool when it’s hot

136608618Extreme heat is tough for us Minnesotans — but we’re not alone, and we’re pretty resourceful when it comes to dealing with extreme temperatures. When those thermometers rise it’s not uncommon for even the hardiest folks lose their cool. Thankfully, there are ways to maintain a comfortable internal temperature AND keep calm, cool, and collected during hot weather.

“Pain or any kind of physical discomfort such as heat takes away from our emotional ability to cope with stress in our lives,” explains chief psychologist,  Dr. Mia Versland. “It makes sense that when temperatures rise causing discomfort, minor stressors that normally wouldn’t bother us  — like a crying child or waiting in traffic —  contribute to feelings of heightened frustration.  This then may lead to maladaptive coping  — for example, arguing about something petty.” Continue reading “Keeping your cool when it’s hot”