Remodeled, expanded Comprehensive Cancer Center opens

Newly remodeled, expanded clinic opens February 12

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) has recently completed an expansion and remodel of its Comprehensive Cancer Center to better serve its patients and families.

“A cancer diagnosis can already be overwhelming,” explains Kelly Porter, Practice Manager of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. “And we already offer excellent, patient-centered care. But we wanted our physical environment to enhance that experience. We’re so happy that we now have an additional 4,238 square feet of space to create a more comfortable area for our patients and families.”

The newly expanded and remodeled location includes 5 more exam rooms as well as an additional counseling room and special procedure room in a cheerful, comfortable atmosphere bathed in warm lighting. An open house will take place on Tuesday, February 11 from 2-6 p.m. and the new area opens the following day.

Who:   HCMC’s Comprehensive Cancer Center
What:  Open House to celebrate remodeled, expanded  Cancer Center
When:  Tuesday, February 11 from 2-6 p.m.
Where: 913 South 7th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415

ca pt 7The fully accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center team includes medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, advanced practice providers, and specially trained RNs in complementary therapy. It has also been awarded a certificate of approval with commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

Conveniently located downtown Minneapolis on HCMC’s campus, the Comprehensive Cancer Center is committed to providing the finest in cancer-related services through an integrated system of health and social services. For more information about Hennepin County Medical Center’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, visit

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Santa’s Little Helper

AH 5
Christmas came a little early this year for 5-year-old patient Austin Harms when he was greeted by Santa after receiving hyperbaric medicine treatment on Monday, December 17. Austin is fighting some of the side effects of cancer treatment and is receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy in HCMC’s new hyperbaric chamber.

“He’s so upbeat – so happy, considering everything he’s been through,” said Austin’s dad, Kraig Harms, as he chatted with Santa in the waiting room. But when Santa asked Kraig how he and his wife were holding up, he tearfully shared that they are “hanging in there, but I think it’s harder on us than it is on Austin.”

When Austin finished his treatment, Santa entered the chamber and surprised him with a booming “Ho Ho Ho!” and a bagful of gifts. The smile on Austin’s face said it all: it’s Christmastime, and Santa didn’t forget.  But Austin had a gift for Santa, too.   Santa shared that after the holidays he would be visiting the hyperbaric chamber for treatment, too, and so he had questions for Austin about what it was like. Austin was able to reassure him that it wasn’t scary at all, and that Santa would be fine.

“I feel much better now after talking to you about it,” Santa whispered to Austin.  “Thank you so much, Austin!”

Bernie the Rescue DogAfter opening his gifts (including a “Bernie the Rescue Dog” toy), Austin got a big hug from Santa, who reminded him that he would be stopping at his house on Christmas Eve.

“I will see you next week! Now I’ve got to go back to my sleigh – because it’s parked on the roof — next to the helipad — with the reindeer! Ho, Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!”

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