Patient conditions

We understand that you have deadlines and every effort will be made to get the information you need as soon as possible. Please remember that all requests for patient conditions must include the first and last name of the patient.

HCMC uses the following criteria for determining a patient’s condition:

  • Critical – Questionable prognosis. Vital signs unstable, not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious, indicators unfavorable. Major complications and death may be a possibility.
  • Serious – Acutely ill with questionable prognosis; vital signs may be unstable, not within normal limits. Indicators questionable, chance for improved prognosis.
  • Satisfactory – Excellent or good prognosis. Vital signs (pulse, temp, blood pressure) stable, within normal limits. Patient conscious; may be uncomfortable or experiencing minor complications. Indicators (such as mobility, appetite) excellent.
  • Undetermined – The patient is in the process of being evaluated; condition not available.

Patient privacy is respected at HCMC. If you have called to request a patient condition or an opportunity to talk to a family member and you are told “I have no information for you,”  it can mean one of the following:

  • The person is not a patient at HCMC.
  • The patient is being evaluated and has not yet been admitted to the hospital.
  • The patient has elected to have no information released regarding his/her hospitalization.
  • The patient is in the custody of a corrections/law enforcement agency.
  • The patient has been discharged from an inpatient unit or was treated and released from the Emergency Department.
  • The patient has expired.