Media Policies

All news media inquiries, including requests for patient conditions, must be directed to Media Relations in the Public Relations Department by calling 612-873-5719.

Medical resources for your stories
Hennepin Healthcare has medical experts available for interviews on a wide variety of topics. Call Christine Hill at 612-873-5719 to schedule an interview. Click here to send an e-mail request.

Every effort will be made to arrange for one of our experts to answer your questions or provide background information for your assignment.

Patient conditions and interviews
News media queries and requests for permission to film or photograph any area of the hospital must be directed to the Public Relations Department by calling 612-873-5719 or the Media Pager at 612-421-0130. Patient information is protected by State statutes and HIPAA.

Patient conditions 
1. Requests for information about patient conditions must include the first and last name of the patient.

2. The media pager is answered from 6 AM to 10:00 PM every day. If you’re calling for a patient condition, the one-word condition given at 10:00 PM will be the last condition given for the patient until 6 AM, when you can check to see if there’s an updated condition.

3. If you provide the first and last name of a patient, the hospital spokesperson may say “I have no information for you.” There are several reasons for this response, including the patient’s choice to have nothing released about his/her condition. Please click here to see some of the other reasons why even if a patient’s name is provided, we cannot issue a one-word condition.

4. If the patient, or parent or guardian (in the case of a minor) allows directory information to be released, the patient’s condition will be limited to one word – “satisfactory, serious or critical.” No additional information can be released without the signed consent of the patient, guardian or family member.

5. No information will be released before next-of-kin have been notified and all reasonable efforts to locate next-of-kin have been exhausted.

6. The names and conditions of Emergency Department patients who are treated and released will not be released to the media.

1. In accordance with Hennepin Healthcare policy, patients’ privacy is respected and protected at all times.

2. All reporters must be escorted by a hospital Public Relations representative when on Hennepin Healthcare property.

3.  All requests to interview patients/family members must be submitted to the Public Relations Department by calling 612-873-5719. We understand that reporters want the opportunity to talk to the persons involved, and as appropriate, we make every effort to accommodate media requests for interviews, but our patients’ health and privacy comes first. We consult with the medical staff and consider the patient/family’s unique situation prior to submitting interview requests, and then every attempt is made to deliver the request in the order it was received.

Please remember — even if the patient contacts you to make arrangements for an interview, it is still dependent on approval from the medical staff and Public Relations before final arrangements will be made. Again, all reporters must be escorted by a hospital Public Relations representative when on medical center property.