5 HCMC nurses are finalists for 2016 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year


Congratulations to HCMC’s five finalists for the 2016 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards! They were selected from the over 600 nominees across Minnesota, including 40+ nominees from HCMC. Winners in each of the 15 total categories will be announced at the awards ceremony on October 14.

1.      Innovation and Non-Traditional Nursing: Alina S. Bailey, Clinical Care Improvement Manager

2.      Leadership: Steven Omodt, Nurse Manager, Hyperbaric Medicine

3.      Mental Health: Jodi Rogness, Staff Nurse, Partial Hospitalization

4.      Neonatal: Rosalind (Angel) Anderson, Sr. Staff Nurse, Lactation Services

5.      Staff Nurse – General Care: Carmelita Nelson, Staff Nurse, Diabetes Education

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Keeping a stick on the ice

Dr. Daniel DiBardino
is a double board-certified physician in both adult and congenital cardiothoracic surgery – in other words, he fixes hearts and where they live – both big and small.

“Every heart is precious and I understand the enormous responsibility of caring for every inch of this important organ,” Dr. DiBardino explains, “that’s why I’m so passionate about providing the most advanced surgical care to all patients with heart disease.”

Using extensive training from some of the best centers in the U.S. including Harvard Medical School and the University of Michigan, Dr. DiBardino works with Dr. Domenico Calcaterra, the Chief of Cardiothoracic Care at HCMC, to provide cutting edge care to patients such as valve repair and replacement, coronary bypass surgery, ECMO, and cardiothoracic trauma care. He’s also currently completing advanced training at the Minneapolis Heart Institute in minimally invasive valve surgery and heart transplant surgery.
In 2010, Dr. DiBardino practiced at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he was featured in an episode of the TV series, Boston Med. But “Dr. DiBar” (as he was called on the show) feels right at home here in the State of Hockey – both on and off the ice. That’s right, he plays the sport and has already connected with some colleagues to chase pucks.


Ashley and Daniel DiBardino

“I’ve been playing hockey for 30 years, including in areas where it’s not as popular,” he says. “It’s great to be able to live and work in Minnesota where everyone knows the game and there are so many opportunities to skate, watch hockey and be a hockey fan.”

Dr. DiBardino and his wife, Ashley, live in the Mill District/North Loop area of Minneapolis with their Papillon-mix dog, Gizmo. When he’s not working (or skating), Dr. DiBardino enjoys lifting weights at the gym, taking Gizmo for walks, and finding new places to eat out for dinner. For more information about Dr. DiBardino, check out the recent blog written by Dr. David Hilden after Dr. DiBardino was a guest on his radio show. The post can be found at myhealthymatters.org.


Gizmo DiBardino


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Announcement of Vacancies on the Board of Directors of Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc.

Contact: Tom Hayes 612-873-3337

Please take notice: A process is now under way to review and recommend candidates to fill up to four three-year terms on the Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc. (HHS) Board of Directors, beginning in January 2017.  HHS, doing business as Hennepin County Medical Center, is a public corporation operated as a subsidiary of Hennepin County. Its purpose is to engage in the organization and delivery of health care and related services to the general public, including the indigent, and to conduct related programs of education and research.

Potential candidates will be considered by the Governance Committee of the HHS Board of Directors, whose recommendations will be considered by the full HHS Board. That Board will recommend a slate of candidates for these positions that will be forwarded to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners for its consideration and vote to either approve or reject the slate.

The statute creating HHS provides that members of the board shall possess a high degree of experience and knowledge in relevant fields and possess a high degree of interest in the corporation and support for its mission. Members shall be appointed based in part on the objective of ensuring that the corporation includes diverse and beneficial perspectives and experience including, but not limited to, those of medical or other health professionals, urban, cultural and ethnic perspectives of the population served by the corporation, business management, law, finance, health sector employees, public health, serving the uninsured, health professional training, and the patient or consumer perspective.

Interested persons should send a letter and their resume to the Executive Committee, c/o Craig Caldwell-Kirzan, S6, Hennepin Health care System, Inc., 701 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1676, to be received no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

More information about the corporation can be found at www.hcmc.org.


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Visit HCMC at the Fair for hands-on health activities, eye-opening research

cropped more state farijpgHennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), Minnesota’s first Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center is at the Minnesota State Fair during the best days of summer with hands-on health activities in the Health Fair 11 Building, located at the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Cooper Street.

The fun begins on the first day of the Fair when kids are invited to try hands-on medical play activities including finger casting, play stitching, ultrasounds and more. Daily attractions include Bernie the Rescue Dog, HCMC’s mascot, who will be at the booth from 10am to 2pm as well as MVNA nurses who will offer flu shots and free blood pressure checks.

One of the unique daily features taking place at HCMC’s booth is the opportunity to participate in the Minnesota Healthy Brain Initiative research study. Participants complete a questionnaire, then watch a music video while their eyes movements are watched and measured using a tracking camera.

“Data have shown a connection between brain injury and abnormal eye movements,” explains neurosurgeon Uzma Samadani, M.D., Ph.D., the Rockswold Kaplan Endowed Chair for TBI Research at HCMC, who is also an associate professor at the University of Minnesota. “We’re so excited to have Fairgoers help with this research that will eventually be used to develop life-changing diagnostic and treatment methods.”

Dr. David Hilden, host of the Healthy Matters radio program heard every Sunday morning
on WCCO Radio will answer health questions from a live audience at the WCCO Radio booth on August 28 and September 4 from 7:30 to 8:30am. On August 28, Dr. Samadani will join Dr. Hilden on his show to briefly discuss the eye-tracking research.

For a full list of the exciting activities HCMC is offering at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, go to hcmc.org/statefair.

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Giving foot pain the boot

IMG_5199Linda Beaverson is an active runner, biker and long-boarder. When foot pain started affecting her lifestyle she knew it was time to get help.

“I thought maybe I needed to do more stretching, or perhaps it was from running,” she said. “So I checked on runners’ websites and I also talked to others who had similar symptoms.”

Many of the people she questioned said they had foot pain for months, and after trying tips from friends and website-suggested remedies, at some point they went to see a podiatrist.
That’s exactly what Beaverson decided to do. Podiatrist Dr. Kimberly Bobbitt examined her feet and confirmed the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. She prescribed stretching exercises, orthotics, and a splint for Beaverson to wear while she sleeps.

“Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that affects 10-11 percent of the population,” Dr. Bobbitt explains. It occurs when the plantar fascia – a thick band of tissue that runs from the heel to the toes to support the arch – becomes inflamed.”

Many people see their primary doctor first and then are sent to a podiatrist for care. Treatment depends on the severity of the problem, foot structure, and if the nerve is also inflamed.


Linda Beaverson has her foot measured for orthotic inserts.

“My foot felt better after the first night of wearing the splint,” said Beaverson, “but I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can to avoid further injury.” That’s why she also decided to get measured for orthotic shoe inserts by North Star Podiatric Lab, Inc., a company that does fittings weekly at HCMC.

“Our standard first line of care includes stretching, icing, support with shoes, orthotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,” said Dr. Bobbitt. “I also make sure patients understand the importance of avoiding walking barefoot. In more severe cases or when the pain does not respond to first line treatments we consider steroid injections, night splints and physical therapy. In the most severe cases we will immobilize patients in a boot or a cast with crutches. Surgery is rarely needed unless a year of treatment options have been unsuccessful at reducing symptoms.”

Dr. Bobbitt recommends wearing supportive shoes with good arch support and not going barefoot (even at home) to help avoid the condition. Stretching the calf muscles can also reduce the risk for plantar fasciitis, which is common in pregnancy and for people with either low or high-arched feet.

The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Department staff at HCMC provide medical and surgical care of all conditions of the foot and ankle – including plantar fasciitis.

The Podiatric surgeons can also correct painful complex deformities of the foot and ankle and repair trauma including fractures and arthritis following neglected fractures. All of the staff podiatric providers have a keen interest in providing state of the art care in diabetic wound care and diabetic limb salvage. The providers work closely with many medical specialists at HCMC to ensure that our patients suffering from diabetes or vascular disease maintain their ability to walk and to keep their independence.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 612.873.6963.


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Saturday Sports Physicals offered at HCMC’s Downtown Pediatric Clinic

Soccer coach discusses play with team during halftime

School is just around the corner and Fall athletic teams are gearing up for practices. Does your child need his or her sports physical updated? Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) is making it easy to get this back-to-school task done by offering Saturday Sports Physicals on August 13 and August 27 between 9:00am and 1:00pm at the Downtown Pediatric Clinic.

Walk-ins are welcome – but are not guaranteed to be seen – so an appointment is recommended. To schedule an appointment on Saturday, August 13 or Saturday, August 27 call 612-873-6963 and ask for a “pediatric sports physical.” (You can also call this number to schedule a weekday pediatric sports physical.)

For your convenience, you can download and fill out the Minnesota State High School League’s 2016-2017 Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Clearance Form and bring it to your child’s appointment for our health care providers to complete.

  • What: Saturday Sports Physicals at HCMC. (Drawstring bags will be given to all athletes who receive physicals on these dates.)
  • Who: Athletes between the ages of 11 and 18 who participate in sports and are required to have a sports physical on file.
  • When: Saturday August 13 and Saturday August 27 between 9:00am and 1:00pm
  • Where: HCMC’s Pediatric Clinic, 7th Floor, Purple Building. Call 612.873.6963 to schedule an appointment.

Hennepin County Medical Center is a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center and public teaching hospital located in downtown Minneapolis offering a full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient pediatric care. For more information, go to www.hcmc.org/pediatrics.

Sports Physical Web banner.jpg

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Hennepin County Medical Center Named Medical Services Provider for U.S. Bank Stadium

USBS_StackedA partnership announced today with U.S. Bank Stadium and Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) means that guests will be in good hands when the new stadium opens next month. Guest experience, including the health and wellness of guests, is a top priority for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA), SMG and the Minnesota Vikings. As the exclusive medical service provider, HCMC will provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and emergency medical response personnel for events in the stadium, backed by the full services of the healthcare system.

“We are very happy to announce our partnership with HCMC,” said Michele Kelm-Helgen, Chair of the MSFA. “They have extensive experience as the largest emergency facility in Minnesota and are the best partner to provide unparalleled services to our visitors.”

For HCMC, the new partnership is a natural extension of its health and wellness services into a venue that will bring millions of people from across the state, region, and world to downtown Minneapolis every year.

“Our services span the spectrum of health, from primary and specialty care in our clinics, to emergency medicine, EMS, and disaster preparedness, so it’s a natural partnership for us to support the health and wellbeing of the guests who will attend events in the new stadium,” said Jon L. Pryor, MD, MBA, CEO.

Paramedics and emergency medical response teams will provide care to event participants and fans with EMS coverage or first aid support for Vikings games and other major events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“We have decades of experience supporting major events at stadiums and arenas,” said Jeffrey Ho, MD, EMS Chief Medical Director. “This is a very large facility, but it was designed to give us the access that we need to provide outstanding care both on the field, in the stands, and within the concourses.”

If ambulance transport is needed to the hospital, HCMC’s main campus, including Level l adult and pediatric trauma care, is just one block away. HCMC serves the healthcare needs of downtown residents, workers, and visitors today and is currently building a new, 377,000 square foot clinic and specialty center close to the new stadium.

“Delivering excellence through guest experience is top of mind for U.S. Bank Stadium employees,” said Patrick Talty, General Manager for SMG at U.S. Bank Stadium. “HCMC will become an extension of that important principle as our medical services provider for events large and small. We are confident in the emergency services, first aid support and overall dedication to wellbeing for our event participants and guests through this partnership.”

About Hennepin County Medical Center
Hennepin County Medical Center is a nationally recognized Level I Adult Trauma Center and Level I Pediatric Trauma Center with the largest emergency department in Minnesota. The comprehensive academic medical center and public teaching hospital and clinic system includes a 484-bed acute care hospital, EMS service, and primary care and specialty clinics located in downtown Minneapolis and the Whittier and East Lake St. neighborhoods, and in the suburban communities of Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Golden Valley, Richfield, and St. Anthony Village. HCMC provides home care and hospice services through MVNA and Hospice of the Twin Cities. HCMC EMS serves 14 municipalities within Hennepin County, covering 266 square miles and a population of over 700,000. HCMC is operated by Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc., a subsidiary corporation of Hennepin County.  More information at hcmc.org.

About U.S. Bank Stadium
U.S. Bank Stadium, owned and operated by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, is a multi-purpose stadium and home to the Minnesota Vikings. The 66,000+ seat stadium is located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With 241,000 square feet of prime exhibition space and six club spaces throughout the building, this state-of-the-art facility will host prominent national and international programming including the Minnesota Vikings, concerts, family shows, college and high school sporting events, conventions, trade/consumer shows, and corporate or private meetings and events. U.S. Bank Stadium is set to open summer 2016 and has been chosen as the site of Super Bowl LII (2018) and the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 2019.

U.S. Bank Stadium is an SMG managed facility. Aramark’s M Hospitality is the exclusive provider for Food and Beverage at U.S. Bank Stadium.  

For more information: www.usbankstadium.com
Facebook: facebook.com/usbankstadium
Twitter: twitter.com/USBankStadium
Instagram: instagram.com/USBankStadium

About SMG
Founded in 1977, SMG provides management services to more than 240 public assembly facilities including convention and exhibition centers, arenas, stadiums, theatres, performing arts centers, equestrian facilities, science centers and a variety of other venues. With facilities across the globe, SMG manages more than 15 million square feet of exhibition space and more than 1.5 million sports and entertainment seats. As the recognized global industry leader, SMG provides venue management, sales, marketing, event booking and programming, construction and design consulting, and pre-opening services for such landmark facilities as McCormick Place & Soldier Field in Chicago, Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Houston’s NRG Park and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. SMG also offers food and beverage operations through its concessions and catering company SAVOR, currently serving more than 140 accounts worldwide.

For more information: www.smgworld.com


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