Hennepin County Medical Center in the News 2011
View recent medical stories from local and national media featuring experts from Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.  (Stories prior to June 1, 2011 can be found at www.hcmc.org.)

Rare illness brings peeling skin, four lost months
Argus-Leader, 12/29/11

Stacking up temporary jobs has become a long-term situation for many workers
Pioneer Press, 12/24/11; Lindsey Meyer, HCA interviewed

Can your toddler reach that pillbox?
Star Tribune, 12/15/11; Dr. Jon Cole quoted

Synthetic drug use among teens is growing
WCCO 4 News, 12/15/11; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Warning for parents: lithium batteries can burn children
Cable 12 News, 12/7/11; Kirk Hughes interviewed

Minnesota teen suffers burns after science experiment goes wrong
Fox News, 12/2/11; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Victim recalls science class explosion
Fox 9 News, 12/1/11; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Teacher’s lab experiment ignites student’s face
KSTP-5 News, 12/1/11; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Maple Grove science experiments ends with face on fire, chaos
Star Tribune, 12/2/11; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

4 students burned in science experiment at Maple Grove Junior High
KARE 11 News, 12/1/11

Eating fish fends off Alzheimer’s
Fox 9 News, 11/30/11; Dr. Abigail Holley interviewed

County OKs merger of HCMC, physician’s group
Business Journal, 11/30/11

Arsenic found in some fruit juices
KSTP-5, 11/30/11; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

Hennepin County Board approves HCMC merger
Star Tribune, 11/29/11

Teen hockey player suffers spinal concussion
Fox 9 News, 11/28/11; Dr. Jim Miner interviewed

WCCO-TV photographer discovers mold colony inside sinus
WCCO 4 News, 11/23/11; Dr.  Emiro Caicedo-Granados interviewed

HCMC and its doctors’ group plan to merge pending county’s ok
Star Tribune, 11/18/11; Dr. Don Jacobs, Art Gonzalez interviewed

HCMC installs new hyperbaric chamber
Fox 9 News, 11/17/11; William Gossett interviewed

Hyperbaric chamber arrives at HCMC
KARE 11 News, 11/17/11 (on 6 p.m. broadcast); William Gossett interviewed

Our View: Minnesota can lead on health care reform
Mankato Free Press, 11/16/11

Candid comments on HIPAA privacy rules enforcement
ModernHealthcare.com, 11/16/11; Kari Myrold quoted

HCMC gives a push to prevention, with smiles
Star Tribune, 11/13/11; Dr. Paul Johnson interviewed

Officials urge “caution” during deadly hunting season
KARE 11 News, 11/12/11; Dr. Steve Sterner interviewed

HCMC’s newly renovated Burn Center to house patients next week
KSTP-5 News, 11/9/11; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Congress examines health data thefts
Star Tribune, 11/10/11; Kari Myrold quoted

Falls from deer stands, knife cuts more common injuries to hunters
Duluth News Tribune, 11/10/11

Good Question: How does alcohol poisoning work?
WCCO 4 News, 10/26/11; Dr. Doug Brunette interviewed

Research on antidepressant use offers some surprises
Star Tribune, 10/24; Dr. Eduardo Colon interviewed

Maple Grove resident named “Nurse of the Year”
Osseo-Maple Grove Press, 10/20/11

Doctor discusses pancreatic cancer
Fox 9 New, 10/6/11; Dr. Mustafa Tiewala interviewed

Seller of synthetic drugs makes no apologies
Associated Press, 10/1/11; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Minnesota seller of synthetic drugs makes no apologies
KTTC News, 10/1/11; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

What it feels like to deliver a baby
Minnesota Monthly, 10/1/11; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

FDA approves 3 clinical trials using worms
Fox 9 News, 9/28/11; Dr. Hernando Gonzalez interviewed

Decade after anthrax attacks, worry over stockpile
NPR, 9/26/11; Dr. Mark Sprenkle quoted

40 years later, HCMC Midwife Unit still one of a kind
Star Tribune Daddy-o; 9/23/11; Rita O’Reilly quoted

Vital signs strong for 3M stethoscope business
Pioneer Press, 9/23/11; Dr. Tom Stillman interviewed

Doctors warn about leg condition
Fox 9 News, 9/17/11; Dr. Prateek Sahgal interviewed

4 statues clues in search of dead baby’s mom
Star Tribune, 9/14/11; Raegan Sipe, RN interviewed

Neurology and Specialty Clinic opens in Chaska
KSTP 5, 9/14/11

HCMC opens Chaska clinic
Chaska Herald, 9/13/11

HCMC to offer free screening for peripheral artery disease
KARE 11 News, 9/13/11

Answers to seizure questions
WCCO 4 News, 9/11/11; Dr. Ellie Choi interviewed

Try looking up, not down
Star Tribune, 9/10/11; Christine Hill quoted

Another Minnesota death linked to synthetic drugs
WCCO 4 News, 9/9/11; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

St. Petersburg man survives infection by rare form of anthrax
St. Petersburg Times, 8/31/11; Dr. Mark Sprenkle interviewed

Fla. man survives anthrax infection
UPI.com, 8/31/11

Minneapolis Fire Department’s medical director urges no layoffs
Fox 9 News, 8/30/11; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Eagan man charged with abusing 11-week-old daughter
KARE 11 News, 8/30/11; Mary Woodley, RN interviewed

“Miracle Man” wins fight with anthrax
Star Tribune, 8/30/11; Dr. Mark Sprenkle interviewed

Minnesota law takes on synthetic drugs and their look-alikes
Pioneer Press, 8/21/11; Christian Lintner quoted

Revamping care for homeless patients as state funding changes
National Association of Public Health, 8/25/11; Timothy Harlin quoted

How mHealth Technology can enable meaningful use compliance
SearchHealth IT.com, 8/16/11; Dr. Kevin Larsen quoted

An ATM for what ails you
Star Tribune, 8/13/11; Bruce Thompson quoted

Mobile health advocates say meaningful use is part of their plan
Healthcare IT News, 8/5/11; Dr. Kevin Larsen interviewed

Driver hit by stolen SUV recalls close call

KARE 11 News, 8/5/11

Doctor discusses birth control coverage
Fox 9 News, 8/1/11; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Crash data: Women injured at higher rates than men
MPR News, 7/27/11; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Injuries prompt HCMC warning about TVs falling on kids
StarTribune.com Daddy-O blog, 7/22/11

Doctor discusses dangers of oxycodone
Fox 9 News, 7/22/11; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Doctors debate breastfeeding doll
Fox 9 News, 7/21/11; Dr. Linda Thompson and Anna Mueller, RN interviewed

The agony of the heat
National Public Radio, 7/21/11; Dr. Doug Brunette interviewed

Heat, humidity produce new records

Pioneer Press, 6/20/11; Dr. Doug Brunette quoted

Sizzling days grip nation but no public health emergency
Medpage Today/ABC News, 7/19/11; Dr. Dave Plummer interviewed

Heat-related illness a concern
Minnesota Public Radio, 7/18/11; Dr. Doug Brunette interviewed

50 treated for heat at Minnesota Twins game
Fox 9 News, 7/18/11; Dr. Dave Plummer interviewed

Experts share tips on beating the heat
KSTP-5, 7/18/11; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Doctor dishes on childhood obesity
Fox 9, 7/13/11; Dr. John Anderson at Richfield Clinic interviewed

U researchers: Stressful housing conditions have lasting impact on kids
Minnesota Public Radio, 7/7/11; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

U.S., state fireworks injuries down
Star Tribune, 7/3/11; Dr. George Peltier quoted

Fireworks vendors say less holiday traveling and a long Fourth of July weekend mean better sales
Pioneer Press, 7/1/11; Dr. George Peltier quoted

HCMC braces for state shutdown
TC Daily Planet, 6/30/11; Mike Harristhal interviewed

Heat warning: It feels like 107 in Twin Cities
Fox 9 News, 6/30/11

Mystery Shoppers to test Minnesota doctors
WCCO Radio, 6/27/11; Dr. Dave Hilden and Mike Harristhal interviewed

Mom speaks out on fire safety after daughter badly burned
Fox 9 News, 6/20/11; Dr. George Peltier interviewed

Minneapolis woman says ceramic fire pot burned her
KSTP-5 News, 6/13/11; Dr. George Peltier interviewed

Researchers explore less obstructive ways to treat sleep apnea
Pioneer Press, 6/12/11; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann quoted

Potent and popular, heroin booms in Minnesota
Star Tribune, 6/7/11; Dr. Gavin Bart quoted

Heat wave over southern and central Minnesota
Pierce County Herald, 6/6/11; Dr. Doug Brunette quoted

Suddenly, it feels like summer
Star Tribune, 6/6/11; Doug Brunette, MD quoted

Campfires and Kids: A dangerous combination
The Courier, St. Francis, June 2011

Sleep experts concerned about St. Paul start time change
WCCO Radio, 6/3/11; Dr. Conrad Iber interviewed

Emergency Workers on Alert about Aluminum Water Bottles
KSTP 5, 6/2/11; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Boogaard’s brain goes to groundbreaking researchers
Fox 9 News, 5/16/11; Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Cable Channel 12, 5/12/11; Dr. Ronald Molony interviewed for newcast

She broke his heart. Then she gave him a kidney.
Duluth News Tribune, 5/8/11; Jenny Bodner interviewed

Cardiac victims have better chance in Hennepin
Star Tribune, 5/3/11; Dr. Brian Mahoney quoted

Burn care salesman’s son falls into fire pit
Fox 9 News, 5/2/11

A new path for health care
Health Data Management, 5/1/11; Dr. Kevin Larsen interviewed

Local child burned, officials issue fire pit warning
St. Louis Park Patch, 5/1/11; Pat Anderson, RN quoted

Director promotes National Infant Immunization Week

Fox 9 News, 4/25/11

Adults with ADHD? 1 in 4 may be faking it
MSNBC, 4/25/11; Dr. Paul Marshall interviewed

Sad in the spring? Allergy/mood link is real
CNN, 4/20/11; Dr. Paul Marshall quoted