Health Check: Frostbite cases up at HCMC
NW Cable 12 TV, 12/31/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Police ready to help celebrators stay safe on NYE
WCCO 4, 12/30/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Aging but Dangerous – Sizzle
KLBB, 12/21/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Medical resident in Onamia
Mille Lacs Messenger, 12/20/13; Dr. Chandra Cherukuri quoted

Walter Chesley joins HCMC
Business Journal, 12/18/13

Don’t be left out in the cold!
Hibbing Daily Tribune, 12/18/13; Dr. David Plummer quoted

U freshman found dead on riverbank near Stone Arch Bridge
Star Tribune, 12/16/13; Dr. Brian Mahoney interviewed

Anoka High School grad new Trauma Director at HCMC
ABC Newspaper, 12/14/13; Dr. Chad Richardson interviewed

Deep freeze: Dress to avoid dangerous frostbite
Fox 9, 12/5/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

A new disorder plaguing teens: sleep texting
Star Tribune, 12/5/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Snow keeps metro-area emergency departments busy
KSTP 5, 12/4/13

HCMC nurse sworn in for active duty by officers, colleagues
KSTP 5, 12/3/13; Melissa Conner, RN interviewed

HCMC ER nurse trading scrubs for Air Force uniform
WCCO 4, 12/3/13; Melissa Conner, RN, Kristi Roers, RN, Michelle Lambert, RN interviewed

Homeless youth Thanksgiving in downtown Minneapolis
Fox 9 News, 11/29/13

Dassel-Cokato linebacker thankful to be alive after brain injury
Star Tribune, 11/28/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu quoted

A Beautiful World
MPR, 11/28/13; HCMC patient, and homeless youth dinner featured

Thanksgiving dinner for homeless youth
KSTP 5, 11/27/13

Minnesota hospitals train to prevent, react to violence
Star Tribune, 11/21/13; Dr. Jeffrey Ho, Michael Cole, William Leon interviewed

Good Samaritan helps rescue fisherman
KSTP 5, 11/19/13; Dr. Douglas Brunette interviewed

Pediatricians recommend putting kids on healthy “media diet”
Moms Everyday, 11/11/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Drunk driver’s crash victim travels long road to recovery
Fox 9, 11/10/13; Dr. Patrick Yoon, Dr. David Templeman interviewed

The sky-blue pressure chamber of yore
Stubble Magazine, 11/9/13; Steve Omodt interviewed

Hunter chooses euthanasia
WCCO Radio, 11/8/13; lead ethics consultant Ann Russel interviewed

Full circle: Former HCMC burn unit patient becomes doctor
Fox 9, 11/7/13; Dr. Jon Gayken, Dr. George Peltier, Margaret Brunner interviewed

Did you remember to change your clock?
WCCO Radio, 11/2/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Kidney Sisters
Women’s Press, 11/1/13

Racquetball hall-of-famer just thankful to be alive
Rochester Post-Bulletin, 10/30/13; Dr. Fouad Bachour interviewed

Halloween health concerns loom around holiday
KARE 11, 10/29/13; Dr. Becky Gardner interviewed

Trick or treat tip: Don’t bite the glow stick!
Star Tribune, 10/29/13; Hennepin Regional Poison Control System

Strategies to reduce cost, improve care for high-utilizing Medicaid patients
Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., 10/28/13

6 ways parents can give kids a “healthy media diet”
CBC, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Help children manage media use, doctors say
HealthDay, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Pediatricians set limits on kids’ media time
Wall Street Journal, 10/28/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Children need a healthy “media diet” 
National Monitor, 10/29/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan quoted

Minn. hospitals, clinics prepare ahead of Affordable Care Act
KSTP 5, 10/22/13; Dr. Bill Heegaard interviewed

Affordable Care Act could magnify shortage of doctors
KSTP 5, 10/21/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Hospitals brace for more ER visits due to health care reform
KSTP 5, 10/20/13; Dr. Bill Heegaard interviewed

Why I left medicine: a burnt-our doctor’s decision to quit
National Public Radio, 10/18/13; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Face Time: Dr. Jon Pryor
MSP Business Journal, 10/18/13; Dr. Jon Pryor interviewed

5 Ways to wake up amid Daylight Saving Time slump
Fox 9, 10/15/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Investigators: Overdose Antidote
Fox 9, 10/10/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

HCMC excited for new pediatric ICU
Star Tribune, 10/9/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu and Julie Curti interviewed

PBS documentary explores brain injuries in NFL
MPR, 10/9/13; Dr. Brionn Tonkin interviewed

HCMC opens new pediatric unit
KSTP 5, 10/9/13

Plymouth woman 9-year breast cancer survivor
NW Cable 12, 10/7/13; Dr. Natarajan Raman interviewed

HCMC’s new Spiritual Care Center designed for all beliefs (subscription)
Finance & Commerce, 10/7/13; Suzanne Owens-Pike quoted

Problems using MNsure? Officials urge patience
MPR, 10/3/13; Anthony Yanni interviewed

Decades-old hyperbaric chamber on view during demolition
Star Tribune, 10/2/1

With a few glitches, MNsure goes live
MPR, 10/2/13; Anthony Yanni interviewed

Drinking while pregnant: Economist, doctors debate
MPR, 10/2/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Pharmacists: the solutions to expanding clinical services
Pharmacy Today, 10/1/13; Bruce Thompson interviewed

Concussion in youth
MN Healthcare News, 10/1/13; by Drs. Brionn Tonkin, Armantina Espinosa

Jordana Green Show: Can we use sleep to get over phobias?
WCCO Radio, 9/25/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

New HCMC leader looks to improve systems, care and cost
Star Tribune, 9/20/13; Dr. Jon Pryor interviewed

Jordana Green Show: Insomnia
WCCO Radio, 9/19/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

SIDS cases spike in Brooklyn Center
NW Cable 12 News, 9/18/13; Dr. Marjorie Hogan interviewed

Quick thinking, fast actions of coaches and EMTs likely improved outcome for Nelson
Dassel-Cokato Enterprise Dispatch, 9/16/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Doctor commends Dassel-Cokato coaches for recognizing injury
Fox 9 News, 9/10/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Cub Foods hands out pill bottles of candy at parade
KARE 11, 9/9/13; Dr. Jon Cole interviewed

Doctor commends Dassel-Cokato coaches for recognizing injury
Fox 9, 9/9/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

Club drug, “Molly” an emerging problem in Twin Cities
MPR, 9/9/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Dassel-Cokato football player in serious shape after head injury
Pioneer Press, 9/8/13; Dr. Brionn Tonkin quoted

Dassel-Cokato football player improving
Star Tribune, 9/8/13

Minn. football player, 16, recovering after brain injury
WCCO 4, 9/8/13

Prep football player recovers after severe head injury
KARE 11, 9/8/13

High school football player recovering after brain injury
KSTP 5, 9/8/13

Molly, new illegal drug, begins to infiltrate Twin Cities
MinnPost, 9/6/13; Dr. Ben Orozco interviewed

Minnetonka could get a new medical clinic, emergency facility
Sun-Sailor (Minnetonka), 9/5/13; Scott Wordelman quoted

HCMC – Historic leaders and innovators in adult and pediatric trauma
MD News, 9/1/13; Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, Dr. Andrew Kiragu, Sherrie Murphy and Julie Curti quoted

End of life care
MN Physician, 9/1/13;by Drs. Martha McCusker, Jeffrey Rubins

Marine Corps League, Delta, nurses send family to sick soldier
Fox 9, 8/28/13; Lynnea Forseth interviewed

Most medications okay while breastfeeding
KAAL TV, 8/26/13; Dr. Dana Barr interviewed

Local tie to new Wall of Heroes
Hutchinson Leader, 8/20/13

HCMC Wall of Heroes for donors, survivors has Rosemount connection
Rosemount Patch, 8/19/13

Back to school means changing kid’s sleep schedules
NW Cable 12, 8/13/13; Dr. Imran Khawaja interviewed

Tevlin: She drives Children’s Literacy Program at HCMC
Star Tribune, 8/11/13; Lynne Burke interviewed

Coalition seeks “Good Samaritan” law to prevent overdose deaths
MPR, 8/8/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Good Question: How often should mattresses be changed?
WCCO 4, 8/5/13; Dr. John Sweet interviewed

Physician well-being: a powerful way to improve the patient experience
Physicians Executive Journal, July/August 2013; Dr. Mark Linzer interviewed

Lessons in kids safety
MN Sun Post, 7/27/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Family remembers 2-year-old Corcoran boy killed in crash
KSTP 5, 7/27/13; Robert Ball interviewed

Minneapolis boy’s fall from window stokes parents’ fears, neighbors’ tensions
MPR, 7/23/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Psychiatric Emergency Room a ‘bottleneck’ for mental health care
MPR, 7/23/13; Dr. Kathleen Heaney interviewed

Six things I wish I’d known when I became a doctor
MPR, 7/19/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh interviewed

Family warns of invisible boating danger: carbon monoxide
WCCO 4, 7/19/13; Dr. Cher Adkinson interviewed

Delivering large babies
WCCO Radio, 7/15/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Family warns of hidden danger while boating
KARE 11, 7/11/13; Dr. Cheryl Adkinson interviewed

Smoking alcohol: a dangerous new trend
KSTP 5, 7/9/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Prescription painkiller abuse
KSTP 5, 7/3/13; live interview with Dr. Gavin Bart

New weight worry: low-income boys
Star Tribune, 7/3/13; Dr. Eileen Crespo interviewed

Water safety reminders for your summer adventures
KARE 11, 7/2/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Artist in Residence
Minnesota Medicine, 7/1/13; Wenda Ballinger interviewed

Prostate Cancer Survivor: we need to speak up about a silent disease
Star Tribune, 6/29/13; Dr. Natarajan Raman interviewed

HCMC wins award for reducing emergency dept. visits by a third
Star Tribune, 6/22/13; Dr. Paul Johnson quoted

HCMC recognized nationally for preventative care program
KSTP 5, 6/21/13; Josh Horn, RN interviewed

AMA dubs obesity a disease
Fox 9, 6/19/13; Dr. Guilford Hartley interviewed

Special feature: an interview with Dr. Andrew Kiragu
MDH, 6/20/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

How to tell if a child is malnourished
KSTP 5, 6/17/13; Dr. Diana Cutts interviewed

Derek Boogaard’s death shows how easily patients can get addictive pills
Star Tribune, 6/17/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Are marathoners running into heart trouble? 
Star Tribune, 6/16/13; Dr. Bradley Bart interviewed

HIV prevention at HCMC
WCCO Radio, 6/13/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed

Expert weighs in after baby dies in car
WCCO 4, 6/12/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Heroin at Home
TPT 2, 6/11/13; Dr. Gavin Bart interviewed

Playground injury prevention
NW Cable 12, 6/11/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Web extra: Trauma Prevention Specialist talks summer safety
KSTP 5, 6/4/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Success difficult for organizations honoring the missing
KSTP 5, 6/3/13; Dr. Danielle Potokar interviewed

Tips to keep kids safe at the playground
KSTP 5, 6/3/13; Julie Philbrook interviewed

Caffeine withdrawal: symptoms classified as mental disorder
Fox 9, 6/3/13; Dr. Anne Marie Pylkas interviewed

Sharon Jones cancels Basilica Block party show after cancer diagnosis
Fox 9, 6/3/13; Dr. Hernando Gonzalez interviewed

Mother-Baby Program offers mental health services
MD News, 6/1/13; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

No lotus position needed: Neuroscience pushes meditation into mainstream
Star Tribune, 5/30/13; Dr. Selma Sroka interviewed

American Indian student volunteers fill need at HCMC
Star Tribune, 5/30/13; Aida Strom interviewed

Plymouth company helps hospitals get cash for old equipment
Star Tribune, 5/25/13; Matthew Werder interviewed

Can HIV medications kill?
KAAL TV, 5/22/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed

Tips for tackling “thunderphobia”
Fox 9, 5/21/13; Psychologist Amelia Versland interviewed

Health Check: Spring allergy season kicks into high gear
NW Cable 12, 5/21/13; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

In a year, Hennepin Health improves care for the poor, keeps costs down
Star Tribune, 5/18/13; photos from HCMC Dentistry Clinic

Bug season: mosquito control sprays as ticks emerge in MN
Fox 9, 5/9/13; Dr. Dean Tsukayama interviewed

Frank Vascellaro, a snorer in denial, undergoes sleep study
WCCO 4, 5/6/13; Dr. Michelle LeClaire interviewed

FDA warns migraine medicine Depakote may lower child’s IQ
Fox 9, 5/6/13; Dr. Virginia Lupo interviewed

Planning for a resource shortfall
Physician’s Weekly, 5/1/13; Dr. John Hick interviewed

Richfield firefighters help save downed paramedic
Richfield Patch, 4/25/13

Firefighters recognized for rescue
Fox 9, 4/23/13

HCMC to open new clinic in suburban shopping center
Business Journal, 4/22/13; Tom Hayes interviewed

Cinnamon challenge: Doctors warn lung damage is no joke
Fox 9, 4/22/13; Dr. David Roberts interviewed

Firms take a business approach to hunger
Star Tribune, 4/21/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

At least 14 amputees are among wounded in Boston attack
USA Today, 4/18/13; Dr. Andrew Schmidt interviewed

Orthopaedic Trauma Association names Dr. Andrew Schmidt president
Becker’s ASC Review, 4/17/13

HCMC supports mom, infant health
MPR, 4/15/13; Dr. Helen Kim interviewed

HCMC offers mom “safety net” when it’s not just the “baby blues”
Star Tribune, 4/15/13; Dr. Helen Kim, Jesse Kuendig interviewed

Minnesotans weary of winter
Fox 9, 4/11/13; Dr. Gautam Shroff interviewed

Tips for dealing with “heart attack” snow
WCCO 4, 4/10/13; Dr. Steven Goldsmith interviewed

Synthetic drug use, far from gone away
Pioneer Press, 4/6/13; Debbie Anderson interviewed

St. Paul girl, 5, honored for role in saving teen from house fire
Pioneer Press, 4/2/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu interviewed

St. Paul woman thanks rescuers who saved daughters life in a blaze
Star Tribune, 4/2/13; Dr. Andrew Kiragu quoted

Patrick Yoon, MD recognized as 2013 Community Caregiver
Minnesota Physician Magazine, 4/1/13; Dr. Patrick Yoon interviewed

Hennepin paramedic’s life was saved by the CPR he teaches
Star Tribune, 3/20/13; Wayne Schneider, Greg Booth, Robert Ball interviewed

Extended winter is clouding Minnesotans’ mood
Star Tribune, 3/19/13; Dr. Eduardo Colon interviewed

Watch out for that ice
WCCO 4, 3/18/13

Paramedic brought back to life after losing pulse for an hour
KSTP-5, 3/18/13; Wayne Schneider, Jordan Wardell, Greg Booth interviewed

The human touch in medicine
Star Tribune, 3/16/13

Susan Olson joins HCMC
Business Journal, 3/14/13

Friday Roundtable: the costs of medical care
MPR, 3/8/13; Dr. Meghan Walsh, panelist

Rested and Ready! Getting better sleep
KARE 11; 3/7/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Discover the science behind shuteye
Prospectus, 3/7/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Souhan: A hockey hit that changed Duffy Fallon’s life
Star Tribune, 3/6/13; Dr. Sarah Rockswold interviewed

Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured
KSTP 5; 3/4/13; Dr. Keith Henry interviewed via phone

Police get medical training in high-pressure situations
KSTP 5, 2/27/13; Dr. Jeff Ho and Rob Snyder interviewed

Power LOAD cot reduces injuries to paramedics, patients
KSTP 5, 2/23/13; Chad Dotzler interviewed

HCMC works to reduce injuries on the slopes
KSTP 5, 2/23/13; Julie Philbrook, RN interviewed

Many HCMC patients lack housing security
Downtown Journal, 2/21/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

Brooklyn Park Clinic has lowest C-section rate
NW Cable 12 News, 2/20/13; Kaydi Novack, CNM

C-section rates in Minnesota vary dramatically
Star Tribune, 2/20/13; Brooklyn Park Clinic mentioned

Lunch-bill aid fills an essential need
Star Tribune, 2/19/13; Dr. Diana Cutts quoted

Cavities still chronic Minnesota childhood disease
KSTP-5, 2/19/13; Dr. Patricia Tarren interviewed

New Chief Executive Officer has roots at HCMC
Hennepin County, 2/15/13; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

Doctor joins Hennepin County Medical Center
The Doings/Oak Brook, 2/14/13; Dr. Gaurav Guliani mentioned

Adderall: The Get-Ahead Drug
SELF Magazine, 2/13/13; Dr. Paul Marshall quoted

HCMC names Wisconsin med exec CEO
Business Journal, 2/12/13; Dr. Jon Pryor quoted

Freezing rain leads to increased slips, injuries
WCCO 4, 1/29/13; Dr. William Heegaard interviewed

Experts weigh in on natural cold and flu remedies
NW Cable 12 TV, 1/29/13; Kristin Fischer interviewed

Cervical cancer awareness month
KARE 11, 1/25/13; Dr. Brad Linzie interviewed

Frostbite sets in fast in frigid temperatures
Fox 9 News, 1/22/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Frostbite 101
Star Tribune, 1/21/13

New Hope man tells tale of frostbite survival
NW Cable 12 News, 1/18/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

John Williams show: The flu
WCCO Radio, 1/17/13; Dr. David Hilden interviewed

HCMC’s Simulation Center tests doctors, nurses
NW Cable 12 News, 1/15/13; Gene Streck interviewed

Doctors busy treating frostbite at Hennepin County Medical Center
KSTP-5, 1/15/13; Dr. Ryan Fey interviewed

Bicyclist says finding woman stranded in car was “fate”
KARE 11, 1/14/13

Hero wants to hug crash survivor
Fox 9, 1/14/13

Woman recovering after being trapped in her car for 18 hours
KSTP-5, 1/14/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Woman who spent night in car recovering
WCCO 4, 1/14/13

Trapped in her car for 18 hours, Centerville woman prayed for help
Star Tribune, 1/14/13; Dr. Anne Lambert interviewed

Hennepin County paramedics protect themselves from flu
WCCO 4, 1/12/13; Kyle Koelln interviewed

Deaths increase, misery mounts as flu sweeps the nation
USA Today, 1/10/13; Dr. John Hick interviewed

FDA orders makers of sleeping pills to cut dosage for women
WCCO 4, 1/10/13; Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann interviewed

Woman has surprise delivery at Brooklyn Park Clinic
NW Cable 12 News, 1/10/13

Woman delivers baby during clinic visit
KARE 11, 1/9/13

With bad flu season, can Tamiflu help?
KARE 11, 1/7/13; Dr. Melody Mendiola interviewed

New HCMC Simulation Center
KSTP-5, 1/5/13; Lisa Fitzgerald-Swenson interviewed live

Flu cases on the rise
NW Cable 12 News, 1/4/13; Dr. Kartika Bhardwaj interviewed